Misleading system requirments?

Found this http://www.avault.com/articles/getarticle.asp?name=sysreq&page=1 at Avault.

I’ve never really had too much trouble with this kind of thing except once with the safedisc cd protection that came with Never Winter Nights. I sure have seen people bitch up a storm about it though. Curious what anybody may think, about system requirements or the guy’s opinion that wrote it.

I think that a five-page editorial on system requirements in games is about four pages longer than it needs to be.

and about three pages longer than most of their articles…

This thread is already longer than it needs to be.

Wow. I can even begin to piece together all the contradictions.

Bob Mandel
From his bio:

Daily tasks:
…Being a Gamester

First game:
My own version of Tic-Tac-Toe, which could beat or tie any human using 10 lines of code

Fondest Gaming Memories:
Writing over 20 of my own computer games

Chairing a college department, teaching, having six books published and working hard on my seventh

Is this romero under a pseudonym?

Wow, this guy is a amazing. I can’t wait to finish reading his exciting Does Gaming Reduce Productivity?


Because I am hooked:

I personally know a number of people who play computer games during work hours, and nearly all are among the most productive employees around. How do they do it?

They write reviews for a living?

Wait, don’t you mean “about three pages shorter”?

Take a look at the epic face-off between Corsair and Kingston RAM while you are at Avault. Edge of your seat reading to be sure.

I think I need more convincing that this is a problem than some guys on message boards bitching about it, which is apparently the main source for this big “problem.”

A growing number of people are feeling cheated after having purchased software titles that don’t work as advertised.[/qoute]

[quote]Let me paraphrase the kind of complaint so widely voiced on the Internet in countless user forums.

Here’s the real problem: computer gamers are whiny little bitches. If every game doesn’t run at 60FPS on whatever system they have, there’s a huge problem with system requirements, the engine sucks, Microsoft is evil, etc. Most games do run on the minimum requirements; they’re just not particularly playable if you have a point of reference for their shitty performance.

Anyway, I think he’s basically wrong. This editorial made sense back in 1992; system requirements haven’t changed much in the last few years. If he said, “Wow, it’s really confusing to figure out how to match a game with your video card,” he’d have a valid point. Is it DX9? T&L? Etc.