Missed or upcoming card based games?

I am a huge fan of almost anything card based.

Spectromancer looked promising, but didn’t really do it for me. Not at all like Astral Masters and Astral Tournament which were both great.
Armageddon Empires is fantastic and the upcoming expansion, Cults of the wasteland, looks great. I’ll keep playing this for a long time.
Down in Flames is fun, but it needs the social interaction of tabletop gaming to be really great.
PoxNora… I tried this quite a while back. The games took too long and the lack of an AI was a disappointment. Are these things still true?
MtG is fun, and has been fun for about 18 years now. The novelty has begun to wear off somewhat. And again, I’d like something with an AI and preferably non-ccg.

Other card based games mentioned in this thread:
Legends of Norrath, an online CCG based in the EQ world.
Star Chamber, an online CCG/boardgame hybrid. I played this quite a while ago, liked it, but was sidetracked for some reason. A look at the website now claims they’re in the process of making some single-player campaigns. Yay! I’ll try this again.
Montjoie, a computer boardgame with some card based mechanichs in it. I haven’t tried it, but I’m downloading the demo now.

Are there any other card based games that I missed? Or are there any upcoming ones worth watching?

You want PC only? Your list is omitting many of the recent greats for PSP and 360.

Yeah, I don’t have a PSP nor a 360.
I’ve heard of one or two good ones for the PSP, but are you saying there are a lot of them?

If you are a CCG guy like me it’s worth investing in a PSP.

A good CCG has a ton of replay value as one collects cards, as I’m sure you know, so the fact that the PSP has two of the best recent CCGs is a strong endorsement of the platform. Warhammer: Battle for Atluma and the Marvel TCG were both strong ports of proven games. Both added decent AI, good campaign modes, and best they were faithful ports that didn’t screw with the underlying card games to make them more console friendly.

Yeah, it’s only two, but the list in the OP was only six.

There’s also the Metal Gear Acid games, on PSP. They’re not your traditional card game, but from what I understand, neither is Armageddon Empires, really.

I played the Marvel CCG on the DS.
I got stuck on one level that I tried playing like what, 50-60 times. I did all the puzzles and bought so many extra packs that I had multiple copies of every card I could access, but I couldn’t find a way to improve my deck. Maybe I suck at it, or maybe I missed something else…
I gave up, which I rarely do, especially with card based games since I enjoy them so much.

Weird, I didn’t have any problem with tough levels in Marvel TCG. But if you are done with that one then the case for the PSP certainly does become less compelling.

Oh, if you’ve never touched the Culdcept series and have a PS2 that’s a good one that wasn’t on your list.

You really need a PSP and a PS2/X360 to enjoy more CCG goodness.

I’m still waiting for a proper MTG game to be released, something with a system kinda like Spectromancer campaign and/or Puzzle Quest would be awesome.

EDIT: there’s also a Marvel CCG version for the PC, btw.

You’re probably right. Sigh.
I started the thread in the somewhat desperate hope that there would be some card based PC gem out there that I somehow missed.

I’m still waiting for a proper MTG game to be released, something with a system kinda like Spectromancer campaign and/or Puzzle Quest would be awesome.

Quoted for truth.

What else exists on PS2 beyond Culdcept? I’m in the PC/PS2 camp as well…

Well…Xenosaga (episode I, but possibly II or III might have done something with it) has a CCG subgame. And there’s tons of Yu-Gi-Oh! games for every system under the sun, but other than that, I can’t think of anything.

You need to get into your Way Back machine and play http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/magic-the-gathering-duels-of-the-planeswalkers

It was great.

Yugi-Oh maybe?

No need for Way Back machine, i played those to death when they were released :P

I want a newer version :|

Legends of Norrath, the EQ-based online CCG is actually pretty decent IMO, even if you don’t play EQ.


Also, Star Chamber. Star Chamber is fucking awesome. (I don’t know how I keep forgetting those two. I even have them installed.)

Montjoie - OK, it’s a boardgames but you play action cards in it! The demo is good and I’d like to buy the game but unfortunately it’s 25 Euro which I think equals $5 zillion at the moment (or $40).


Wow, that game looks very cool. Is it based on a boardgame? I’m grabbing the demo tonight for sure.

Astral Masters is pretty good.

Yes, it’s based on a boardgame and the demo is very good.

However, I’ll warn you that it’s very difficult - especially the historical scenario. You can only play one scenario in the demo (the start of the 100 years war) and you have to be France. England and Flanders start of allied against you and stay that way for 5 (?) turns. You can get crushed in that timeframe if you’re unlucky.

Luck is my other problem with the game - attacks and defense are based on the cards you draw. Bad cards mean you’re probably going to lose.

Having said all that, the “freegame” mode lets you play against 8 players and you can generally survive a turn or two of bad cards as the AI players fight each other. Also, the AI players get bad cards also - that’s when you beat on them :-)