Missing Link Fossil Found

Scientists have discovered fossils of a 375 million-year-old fish, a large scaly creature not seen before, that they say is a long-sought “missing link” in the evolution of some fishes from water to a life walking on four limbs on land.

In addition to confirming elements of a major transition in evolution, the fossils are widely seen by scientists as a powerful rebuttal to religious creationists, who hold a literal biblical view on the origins and development of life.

Several well-preserved skeletons of the fossil fish were uncovered in sediments of former stream beds in the Canadian Arctic, 600 miles from the North Pole, it is being reported on Thursday in the journal Nature. The skeletons have the fins and scales and other attributes of a giant fish, four to nine feet long.

When have fossils ever been a powerful rebuttal to creationists? Was that at the same time entire countries became athiests when it was revealed that stars were not embedded in a crystal sphere?

Has it reached the point where fossil discoveries have to be posted in P&R?

Fight the power Brian, post this in EE!

Yeah, seriously. There are already thousands of known fossils that demonstrate speciation. Creationists don’t give a shit about those, so why would they care about this one?

Maybe this is one god didn’t make?

Umm you people are stupid. God put them there to test our faith. If he wanted it to seem 375 million years old, then it would be. Anything that would remotely contradict the bible is all a test. All the godless heathens will be sorted out and only the faithful shall be saved. For every dinosaur bone people claim as proof, god kills a kitten. You don’t hate kittens do you?

Kinda. They just sit there all fuzzy and helpless and doing that “mewmewmew” thing and you just wanna kick em so bad but you can’t because then everyone will judge you.

The discovery of a transitional fossil merely creates a need for two new ones in the creationist’s mind.

Fossils never work in the Creationists vs. Evolutionists argument. When Darwin’s ideas were new, the fundies of the day cried “Show us the missing link!” Science obliged with Neanderthal man, and then fundies cried “Show us the missing links between apes and Neanderthals and between Neanderthals and us!” Science again obliged with Cro Magnon, Homo Erectus, Australopithecus, et. al., but it was not (and never will be) enough. Exact same story with whales, horses, etc. “Show us the links between the links!” remains the rallying cry.

Even if an unbroken fossil lineage representing every single generation of mammal from the first shrew-like rodent to man was found, it would be dismissed as a hoax, a plant by Satan, or a “test” from God. Hopeless.

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the sopranos & the theory of evolution

Brewster: Evolution, which is Satan’s plan to deny God. Evolution and salvation are mutually exclusive.

Christopher analyses the situation in his typical fashion.

Christopher: What’s he saying? There were Dinosaurs back with Adam and Eve?

Tony: I guess.

Christopher : No way. T-Rex in the Garden of Eden-Adam and Eve would be running all the time-scared shitless, but the Bible says it was paradise.

This is an excellent summary of why it is pointless to argue with creationists.

A blog which I read at least partly for the writer’s wry sense of humor posted this news under the title:
“Two more gaps found in human fossil record”