Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Car stunts, train stunts, horse stunts, dance stunts

Oooooo… they brought back Henry Czerny… That dude was a HITG king in 90s action movies and thrilers.

I gotta say, I look forward to whatever exquisite practical effects stunt sequence they put together.

I’m looking forward to this a lot.

Tom Cruise finally starting to show some age in that pic. Of course by that I mean he looks like he’s 40ish, not the nearly-60 years old he actually is.

Incredible trailer!

The guy that played Kittridge in mission impossible 1996! I guess he replaces Alec Baldwin’s role?

Great trailer. Amazing how good the MI movies have been.

Saw this a few days ago, just to provide context it’s the same M:I-DR trailer that we already got, it’s just prefaced with a crazy introduction from Tom Cruise. This was shown originally at some press event earlier this year before a screening of Top Gun: Maverick, but only recently put online.

Kinda cool, but you can just watch the first half, nothing new in the trailer.

Yeah, it’s the first 1 minute and 40 seconds that have the Tom Cruise patented “look at me doing my own stunts” bit.

As someone who has skydived in the Army and in civilian life, 30 parachute jumps a day sounds…impossible.

But seriously, 30 jumps in a day would be very hard to pull off when you factor in takeoff and landing for the aircraft as well as proper equipment checks for the parachutists.

Well they probably could, and would, run some in parallel. Like while they are in the air for o e jump, have the gear for the next be going through inspection and prep.

I mean it is definitely a lot, but I imagine with proper planning you could figure out a pipeline.

I’m really curious to see what this actually translates to on screen. Like, does Ethan Hunt need to ride off a ramp someone constructed on the side of a cliff, alone? Will the “movie magic” remove the ramp? Add some henchmen? What will be different on screen and will that undermine the crazy devotion to doing this portion of the stunt practically if other parts of the finished piece are effects?

I’m sure you could, but I’d never agree to it. 30 jumps in day sounds like someone would need to rush.

Well, for starters, in the movie he’s underwater and diving into the Mariana Trench.

It will.

(From the trailer that dropped a while ago.)

Oh, hah, duh. Thanks!