Mission Impossible: Fallout


The upcoming Mission Impossible 6 finally has a name. This is the one that was delayed after Cruise broke his foot doing a stunt.

Anyone else see a potential issue here?

Another look at the logo


Zenimax isn’t litigious, I’m sure it’ll be OK.


{edit} Yeah, just ask Oculus and could they have chosen a font much closer to Zenimax’s trademark?


Maybe it’s a licensed crossover of the two franchises. It looks like it from the logo.


Sweet, I am totally down with this crossover. No doubt Cruise would look good in power armor.


Mission: Impossible: Live: Die: Repeat


James Bond: Ancient Scrolls



All right, now I have to be “that guy” and point out that you’ve really got to twist the definition of the word “armor” to make that thing fit. Power though, sure.


Looks like someone’s never visited Nexus Mods.


That’s the chainmail bikini version of power armor. Gotta show the beef/cheesecake.


It’s awfully close to Bethesda’s logo, but theirs always includes a little lightning bolt symbol in the “o”. The artist was probably influenced but not a direct ripoff.


Yeah, if the movie’s title was Fauerkraut, Fallgrout, Fall-trout, or even Fallowt that could pass the smell test. It’s a tough sell when it’s the exact same name spelled the same way with the same font and italics.


Mission Impossible. Mission Impossible… never changes.


For a company with a litigious bent, a direct ripoff isn’t necessary to trigger a lawsuit.


You got me there, I don’t even know what that is.






Moreover a logo would be a trademark suit (assuming Bethesda isn’t an idiot and trademarked the logo.) Whether it was intentionally copied or not is largely beside the point for whether it counts as infringement. The question is whether it’s similar enough to confuse consumers.

(If it’s intentional infringement they could get more in damages, though.)


Can’t we just be super excited about the latest Tom Cruise vehicle? Sometimes you people are sooooo cynical!!!11