Mission Impossible: Fallout


Will it be a nuclear powered vehicle meant for cruising America’s splendid new superhighways?


Rebecca Ferguson fans rejoice


“Shut up, you love houses of mirrors too? What are the odds?”


I’ve only ever seen houses of mirrors in movies/tv. It’s such a trope.


If they get chased around the mirror maze by an angry John Wick, I’m OK with it.


I’ve been to a real life one! There was no gunfire, though.


Since my only experience is through those media, I thought gunfire was just part of it. Plus you always have to break a few mirrors, either via missed shots or just out of frustration.


Or to injure Thoth-Amon.


This forum needs more Conan the Destroyer references.



Might be my most anticipated summer movie. I love Rogue Nation, and that looks great.


That’s pretty great trailer for sure - nice composition, good choice of music, solid editing work. And those few seconds of close combat in the trailer feel like they took a hint from the Raid playbook.


I fucking love these movies, they were good originally (one and two) and then three was crazy good and I feel like the series has never let up since in terms of quality and story telling. This trailer has my attention, holy shit.


Yeah, they just so totally get what I want in a spy film. As much as I love comic book films and TV, a really great spy/action thriller will always get my juices pumping like nothing else. I can’t wait!


Easily the best trailer of the Super Bowl ads, going to add that to my list of favorite trailers.


Couldn’t agree more, but the lawyer in me has to believe that the person who enjoyed it most is Zenimax’s general counsel. That guy was probably rubbing his hands in glee thinking, “We’re gonna make so much money when we sue them for trademark infringement!”



Do the helmets usually light up on the inside like that?


On one hand I’m annoyed that this is kind of like an advertisement to get me to go see the movie, but on the other hand I’m also impressed.

On the third hand: 100 jumps to get the shot? Man, forget it.


No. You’d destroy your night vision. But it’s the same reason the viper pilot helmets lit up on the inside in BSG. So the camera can see their faces.


Soooo I just saw an early screening in Seattle. Had to wait in line for 90 min and even then I barely got in and had to sit front row craning my neck to see the screen.

Totally worth it.

The setpieces in this are unbelievable! Somehow even crazier than Rogue Nation.