Mission Impossible: Fallout


The MI/Fallout crossover movie is getting really positive reviews. Usually I got see about 3 or 4 movies in the theater, and this year I’ve already seen two (Black Panther and Infinity War). But this seems like a pretty good bet for one that will be worth seeing on the big screen.


I’ll be going on Thursday night I think. I adore these films. Does Tom Cruise run? I always want to see Tom run.


Tom Cruise gets two guaranteed scenes in every movie:

  1. Running at full speed
  2. Driving a motorcycle


Not only does he run and ride a motorcycle, he does so even more impressively than ever before in the series!

These tweets are 100% on point:



I bought a ticket for Sunday afternoon 2D IMAX showing. So expensive! Even with my $15 off coupon from McDonalds, I still ended up paying almost $3 to the Atom app.

Last time I went to a 2D IMAX showing was Dunkirk, and it wasn’t nearly this expensive. Prices have gone up a lot in the last year or so.


I’m looking forward to seeing this! Am I alone in thinking the first one was the best?


I think subscriptions will take off for movies, copying the Netflix model.


Let’s see if that mustache was worth it!



I haven’t had time to rewatch all of them, I only rewatched 3, 4, and 5 this week. My memory is that the first was good, but it was basically from a different era of filmmaking. Not in a good or bad way, but in a way that made them hard to compare.


First one was good. Definitely a bold choice to start off the movie franchise by killing off Ethan’s whole team. I certainly did not expect that, and it still surprises me when I rewatch that movie. It was definitely better than John Woo’s sequel, which was just a very John Woo film. I enjoyed MI: 3 a lot. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so good as the villain. I think I like that one better than the first one because of him. Fourth one had its charms, but the fifth one, I felt, had the best action scenes in the franchise so far. The first and third are good movies, but in terms of exciting and fun action scenes, I felt the fifth one trumped them all.


I have a co-worker who refuses to see any of these films because of how they treated Jim Phelps’ character in the first film. That pissed her off so much (she was a big fan of the show) that she has been out ever since. It’s a shame because I think these movies are all very good to fantastic, but sometimes people can’t get past that kind of betrayal.


My father, who never really gets into pop culture, is obsessive about Mission Impossible movies to the point of nerdom. I saw him earlier this week watching the different trailers and video interviews with the cast over and over.

So yeah, I offered to take him this weekend.


My current rankings are 6 > 5 > 4 > 1 > 3 > 2


I probably enjoyed the first the most because I watched it during my formative years. I am a huge fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman and really enjoyed seeing him as the villain in 3, although to be honest I can’t remember much else about the third movie (might be time to give it a respin).

1 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 2.

I still enjoyed 2 though, it isn’t like a ranking of the Star Wars movies.


I love this so much. This movie, this franchise, Rebecca Ferguson, Cavill’s mustache, everything.

Long live Cruise, may he run across our screens forever!


MI6 / Mission Impossible: Fallout was great.

It’s not necessarily different from any of the silly/simple action movie genre tropes you expect it to have. It’s just really, really expert and polished at fulfilling them.

Describing scenes would be better left for a spoilers thread. Go in blind. If you have any concept of what the MI series is like, expect the best version of that to-date.


This is something I heard on ESPN radio this morning and it is kinda mind blowing, but…

at 49 years old, Tom Cruise is now also old enough to play the character of Ben Luckett in “Cocoon” — a role Wilford Brimley made famous in the 1985 film.

That’s right: Tom Cruise is the same age that Wilford Brimley was when Brimley starred as a grandfather in “Cocoon.”

Yea, Brimley was only 49 years old in that movie.


Tom Cruise is 56. WTF?


I remember that anecdote actually circulating around an earlier movie, Ghost Protocol was 2011 so I think that’s when the math would’ve worked out. No surprise it gets repeated with new movies without everyone checking the math.