Mission Impossible: Fallout


Ouch. A Jai Courtney Mission Impossible would be like a Noah Wyle Indiana Jones.

You just made Taylor Kitsch cry.



So how is this goal going? Well, this weekend, the movie crossed the $500 million mark globally, which means it’s tracking ahead of the previous Mission: Impossible movie, and it has yet to be released in Italy and China. I hope it can cross the billion mark eventually.


I love how earnest this “important” message from Tom Cruise is! It’s kind of adorable.


They’re right though. Soap opera effect is an abomination. Every time I see it at a store or restaurant it makes my teeth ache. When I’m at a friend or relative’s house, and I see it, I turn it off.


Every TV in Sam’s and Costco are always set this way though. So it must be a selling point for most people, right? I mean, people go to these stores, they watch all these fancy movies being made to look like soap operas, and they decide, yes, I want this TV, this one is perfect.


Hey, I totally agree, I just thought it was delivered in a cute way.


I’m going to create a Fallout mod and call it “Mission Impossible”.