Mission Impossible: Fallout


Ouch. A Jai Courtney Mission Impossible would be like a Noah Wyle Indiana Jones.

You just made Taylor Kitsch cry.



So how is this goal going? Well, this weekend, the movie crossed the $500 million mark globally, which means it’s tracking ahead of the previous Mission: Impossible movie, and it has yet to be released in Italy and China. I hope it can cross the billion mark eventually.


I love how earnest this “important” message from Tom Cruise is! It’s kind of adorable.


They’re right though. Soap opera effect is an abomination. Every time I see it at a store or restaurant it makes my teeth ache. When I’m at a friend or relative’s house, and I see it, I turn it off.


Every TV in Sam’s and Costco are always set this way though. So it must be a selling point for most people, right? I mean, people go to these stores, they watch all these fancy movies being made to look like soap operas, and they decide, yes, I want this TV, this one is perfect.


Hey, I totally agree, I just thought it was delivered in a cute way.


I’m going to create a Fallout mod and call it “Fallout: Mission Impossible”.


So many backstabs/betrayals in this movie. Could have called it MI: Betrayal.



Sources tell Variety that McQuarrie has signed back on to return to write and direct the next two films in the popular franchise. Sources also add that both films would be shot back-to-back — not unlike the final two “Avengers” sequels — in order to take advantage of the popularity of the series, with the first bowing summer 2021 and the second coming out in summer 2022. The release comes in 2021 to avoid conflict with Paramount and Cruise’s next big venture, “Top Gun: Maverick.”


This is excellent news. IIRC, by the sounds of the podcast with McQuarrie (linked upthread) he was not really wanting to do that, but based on Rogue Nation and Fallout there is none other I trust more on delivering Mission Impossible Action Extravaganza.


Yeah, I’m more than okay with this - the MI movies just get better and better with every new entry in the franchise. It’s… super bizarre and counter to how most sequels work, but it’s true.


Agreed. Fallout is fantastic and I really need to watch it again at home.


So true @Scott_Lufkin , and Tom Cruise seems to know what moviegoers like and just keeps making good movies.

Aside from the horrible Mummy reboot thing, which I still watched to the end, I’ve enjoyed just about everything he has made in the last decade if not longer.