Mitt Romney will Protect Us!

jesus, “go Obama or Clinton”, if this guy gets the Republican nomination

As long as he doesn’t treat us like a dog on a long trip…

I’m so confused why he decided to style his campaign ad after Mike Gravel’s ads.

Also, that’s some seriously creepy shit.

Dear President Romney:

I triple-dog dare you to seriously crack down on internet pornography.

Sincerely, Glenn

Porn and videogames? Is he using Hillary’s campaign notes by mistake?

None of the above now leading candidate for GOP primary.

Brewster’s plan is working!

Isn’t he a Republican? I thought American conservative government policy was less involvement in the lives of Americans.

That was traditionally their line, but it was always more specifically about lower taxes and opposition to liberal social programs. It’s usually been phrased as opposition to “big government”, which is obviously a joke at least since the Reagan administration, and certainly since GWB came along.

The Republicans have for a long time now been all over people’s personal lives (c.f. Terry Schiavo).

Which is why I’m now an independent.

Oh noes, a “cesspool of indolence”!



Edit: Ahahahahahahahahaha.

I America is free, the terrorists win.

What’s really sad about that ad is that, if you break it down point by point, I doubt many people would disagree with much of it.

Do we want children exposed to porn? Probably not.
Do we want kids exposed to violence? Probably not.
Do we want kids etc. etc. You get the point.

But do we trust Mitt Romney to actually take care of this sort of thing without jamming a conservative cultural agenda down our throats and shredding the Bill of Rights at the same time?..Probably not.

Do we want the GOP trying to bring about some magical transformation of America back to the 1950’s…probably not.

The cognitive dissonance in this thread is making my brain hurt.

I like how they shot the ocean through a brown filter to make it appear as though it had become polluted by videogame filth.

Who on earth could ever consider voting for this clown? Jack Thompson as Attornery General FTL.

Joe Lieberman (and the rest of the social conservatives of the world).

People who wear special underwear…