Miyamoto Is God

The interview here is very interesting, especially the idea of Miyamoto in Super Smash Bros. on Revolution. :)

This image from 4 color rebellion makes it, though.

I could never have stood in line with the kids as long as those folks did, but they would really have loved to meet Miyamoto. Maybe someday down the road…


EDIT: Fixed the image.

Miyamoto rocks, no doubt. But be honest Dave, you’ve been hitting the bottle rather heavily tonight, no?

Nah, just felt like being lazy at the PC. :)


No, I think it has to do more with the day of the week…Sun, Tue, Thu is for posting anti-Microsoft tyrades, and Mon, Wed, Fri is for obsequious Nintendo fawning.

I think you’re on to something. The Dave Long Code

The tri-force is triangular, the structure at the Louvre that points to the grail is an inverted pyramid (4 triangles!). Coincidence? I think not.

Miyamoto is a fucking loon. I read an interview with him in Wired magazine, where he claimed his ‘ultimate game’ he’d make if he was allowed, was one where a player simply walked through a forest.

…and bonked mushrooms on their heads.

I’d hit it.

You’re talking about punching, right?

There are very few people in the industry as historically important, constantly creative, and also undeniably overrated as Shigeru Miyamoto.

… yes, “creative”.

I’ve never even slightly liked a Miyamoto game. Closest was the original Super Mario Brothers, which I played through in the arcade. I really don’t see the appeal of his designs.

That’s crazy talk. Not even Zelda? Pikmin?

What did Zelda have over a zillion computer RPGs at the time? It was like a “starter” adventure/RPG for people not ready yet for a game like Ultima V or Might and Magic IV.

Never played Pikmin though.

This article on the mtv story was amusing, particularly all the whining some did about the pictured gal’s chest muscles in the comments.

After reading these comments, is it any wonder the rest of the world thinks that gamers are immature, sexist, isolated and lonely pigs?

Comedy gold.

It’s hard to classify Zelda as an RPG because there’s hardly any stats. I think one of the reasons that it was (and remains) so popular is that it pulls in a lot of the best features of RPGs, adventure games, and puzzle games into the same experience.

I played Ultima V and Zelda around the same time and Zelda certainly wasn’t a “starter” game for Ultima. Zelda games are inarguably more simple than the Ultimas, but the amount of skill and polish that went into creating it (and the fun from playing it) was no less impressive.


I agree. Zelda actually had interesting puzzles and depth. I had played Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, etc. before I played Zelda, and I certainly didn’t feel like it was dumbed down. A Link to the Past actually added more RPG elements, and was a spectacular game. I suppose you could call that one an action RPG, and a damned good one at that.

Guys, it’s Desslock. Just ignore the post and move on. Anything he posts about console games amount to trolling even though I guess he believes this stuff in his heart of hearts. You’re only going to make him start saying Magic Mushroom Games and he’ll be pissing everyone off and then the thread is over…