MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


If it happens, he’ll become the third player to win an MVP and get traded before the following season. The others were Alex Rodriguez in 2003, and Eddie Collins in 1914, when it was called the Chalmers Award.


Framework for a deal is now in place for Stanton with both the Giants and Cardinals.

Now it’s all on Stanton. He can choose either team, or continue to wait on a Dodgers intervention…or just wait until later in the 2018 season or next off-season.

I think geography ends up winning this for SF. Have thought that all along.


I don’t see why they don’t simply share Stanton. He can start the year with the Giants until his first injury, then spend time on the DL, coming back sometime in late May to the STL lineup. After his pre-All Star break injury, he can head to the Cards DL, go on a 100+ AB homerless streak, and wrap up the year in SF, probably hitting the DL in early September.


Credit the Cardinals for going all in. They offered the most cash.

Still: geography.


I’m a little skeptical of anything coming from the Marlins. They have a rather obvious incentive to drive the offers up.


Another one who seems to be focused on West Coast teams. Probably go to the M’s, but I can dream about Japanese unicorns.


Love what the Twins have done tonight. They traded international slot money to both the Mariners and Angels. Both of those teams want that money to use for Ohtani. In exchange for parting with about $2m in slot money, the Twins got a top 5 draft pick from last June from each team.


Looks like a fifth-round college C and a third-round high-school OF from what I can see, but man. Totally agree.

New baseball boss Derek Falvey is the best thing to happen to the Twins since, idk, Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek led the team to a pair of WS?


Yeah, sorry for not being clearer-- a top 5 round draft pick. Was typing by phone. ;)

Meanwhile, it’s hard to not feel that if Giancarlo Stanton wanted to be a Giant or a Cardinal, he would be by now.

I guess especially in the case of the Cardinals, who are now forced to be patient in how this plays out before trying to get either Ozuna or Yelich out of Miami.

Just seems like all parties are now waiting for the Dodgers to put up some kind of creative, multi-team trade that allows them to shed enough payroll to get into the mix.


Ohtani signing with the Angels.


Side effect/unintended consequence of Ohtani going with LAA:


Settles that. Onward and upward.


Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs or bust.


Wow. Several questions…

Why would Stanton, or his agents, wait this long to let the Marlins know that he wasn’t going to either the Giants or Cardinals?

I would think if the Dodgers wanted him they could put together the best package and be able to pay his salary, but why would they wait for the Stanton to reject the Giants before doing that?

You don’t hear anything about the Yankees making an offer, the times have changed.


Ohtani (sp) has signed with (or agreed to terms with) the Angels. Would the Angels now be interested in Stanton?


Probably answered in Passan’s tweet – Marlins will have to eat more cashola.


Dodgers are at or over the luxury tax limit. A lot of folks think they won’t be adding significant salary. Biggest evidence: they stayed out of the bidding for Justin Verlander last August.

They could get in, but they won’t be eating nearly as much salary as the Cardinals or Giants would have. And now they may not have to, because, as Jeff Passan’s tweet points out, and tylertoo states. They can wait him and the Marlins out.


Ohtani was fairly cheap.

Angels have a lot of sunk costs in Albert Pujols, and will have their own $30m per year deal to work out with Trout in a couple of years.


That’s why the Marlins would reject the deal, not why Stanton would use his no-trade clause to reject the deal.


He just met with them a week ago, that seems like a reasonable amount of time to decide if he wanted to make the move. As much as the Marlins ownership are a dumpster fire, Stanton might actually like it in Miami. If I got an offer to make the same money for the same job I would want to be moving someplace that I considered a major upgrade from where I am now.