MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


Yankee fan confirms stereotype of Yankee fans.


Not sure if I’m more disappointed that one of the Brewers and Rockies won’t advance, or that one of the Yankees and Red Sox will.


sigh I get that it’s all about ratings, but you think someone would tell the networks the last two AL Champions are facing off and give them at least one night game.


The problem with leaning so heavily on your bullpen all year is that those arms may be exhausted in October…Jeffress may get out of this with the score only tied.


More games like that please.


Tribe - Brewers in the World Series, please, just to piss off the @#%^ing jerks who decided on this schedule.


I kinda feel sorry for people who don’t have cable when it comes to watching these playoff games. My brother loves baseball but won’t get to see a single game.

I got to thinking, if we had cut the cable cord as we planned (couldn’t find another decent internet service though) I probably wouldn’t have any of the channels showing the first round of games. TBS, MLB or FS1.

Do Sling or Vue offer those? Would you end up having to pay extra to get them?


Can you not watch playoff games on in the US? I know they have local market blackouts for the regular season, but I thought you could watch out of market playoff games.


Hahahahaha nope. Not without also authenticating to your cable provider. For as great as MLBAM is at the tech side of things they’re still hamstrung by the ridiculous rights contracts.


Shhh: r/MLBStreams


You can buy an MLB package but as I understand it your local team is blacked out and besides, MLB has, as far as I know, only one game in this round of the playoffs. Not one series, but one game.


Huh. Over here we can watch the whole thing. It costs extra on top of the regular season, of course.


Hulu Live has FS1 and TBS (don’t think it has MLB Network, but I also don’t think it has any more games from this point forward). I think they offer a 14-day trial for new users. YouTube TV probably has something similar going and I’m pretty sure they have FS1 and TBS as well. Granted, at a certain point you’ll be paying roughly what you would for a cable+internet package, but it’s an option for your brother if he just wants it for a month to watch MLB playoffs without worrying about a cable company contract.


what are baseball playoffs i have heard of no such thing


Understandable. As a Cubs fan I only found out about them a few years ago.


Oof. Back to back bombs off Wade Davis by… Orlando Arcia and Keon Broxton. The cyborg has fallen.


Don’t think anyone had Sean Newcomb getting the first RBI for the Braves in the postseason. (who is like an .040 hitter)


That grand slam was a thing of beauty. More like that, Braves. We’ll overlook your rube-ish fans and their chants for now.


The Dodgers (and maybe others) might be looking at some serious legal trouble.


Turns out batting .144 with a bullpen ERA over 10 isn’t how you win a series. Long offseason ahead.