MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


Big coastal media markets, the folks at FOX must be very happy with the World Series matchup. Those of us in the flyover middle have no rooting interest left. I guess if nothing better is on I might watch a game or two.

Oh well, it could have been worse…could be the Yankees.


Boston is no better than the Yankees now Of course, the Dodgers are no better either. :)


I’m rooting for the earthquake


The guy who is in charge of that is of two minds:


Two massive market teams with nearly unlimited resources? I’ll skip the WS year. Zero interest.


The Brooklyn Robins (so named after then-manager Wilbert Robinson; after “Uncle Robbie” left as manager in 1931, they became known as the Dodgers again and forevermore) wore checked uniforms in the only meeting of these two franchises in a World Series, in 1916.


I guess I’m rooting for the Boston Not-Dodgers, sort of. Though mostly I’ll be dealing with it by not watching.


As a Dodger fan who has had to watch the Giants win three times in the recent past I will be rooting for the Dodgers so that Giant fans can STFU, at least for a little while. :)


It’s OK. This guy called it.


I’ve been enjoying the annual tradition of 1988 memes, though. I’d hate for that to end.


As a Giants fan, I’m rooting for the Dodgers because the DH is icky and bad.


So true. And I always found myself rooting for the Giants because so many of my friends are Giant fans.


The earliest you could expect that would be 2020 (and 3 in a row would be more impressive than 3 in 5 years). I’m rooting against the Dodgers because the phrase “5 times consecutive NL West champs” is a lot more fun when it implies “without winning a single World Series”.

I am resigned to an eventual Dodgers WS win. All that TV money (from keeping the Dodgers off local TV…) is bound to pay off some time.



Considering the alternative, I suppose I’d rather see the Dodgers win. If for no other reason, Kershaw deserves one. Too bad jerks like Puig and Machado would win too.


Surely those Seattle numbers are a misprint.


Actually I think it is now “6 times NL West Champs”. :)



You’d think that the Dodgers could figure out that maybe, just maybe, they should consider giving him more rest during the playoffs.




Game 3 might not end until Halloween.