MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


If Cora walked Puig, it’d be over right now.


As someone who has never lived east of the Mountain Time Zone, it kinda blows me away that there are people in Indiana watching a live World Series game at 3 in the morning.


Kershaw pinch hitting in the 17th, just like you drew it up.



Do Dave Roberts or Alex Cora have any eligibility left?


Jesus, finally.


Aww, man, I wanted to see it get to the 20th inning.


If such a thing as a shift of momentum exists in a short series, I’d say it just shifted against Boston.

But if the Sox manage to pull this out, Eovaldi for MVP.


I’m just glad I decided not to stay up for it.


I had considered staying up to watch but I have a conference to attend, and looking at how much output the offences were generating, I had a feeling this would go maybe 13 innings. I guess I was off by a few.


I went to bed around the 11th inning and had a vivid dream it ended in the 18th.

Now why the hell didn’t I win the mega millions???


Also, I just read that today’s starters are now TBA.

My god, the rotations and bullpens on each team are now a mess.


According to Ken Rosenthal in the Athletic, Dave Roberts said his starter is Rich Hill. Then Cora said his starter is TBA, and that prompted Roberts to also put out TBA in what Rosenthal described as ‘gamesmanship.’


Roberts should have announced Koufax. He should be as fresh as anyone else.


You mean Bill Nye?


I only made it until the 16th inning, and I am in California.


Hill was already the choice for game 4. Eovaldi was supposed to start game 4 for Boston, now both him and Porcello are probably done until the games return to Boston.


Sale seems the obvious choice. Game 1 starters are often Game 4 starters in a best of 7, and he made 91 pitches in G1, so it wasn’t like a super heavy workload.

e: Looks like it’s Eduardo Rodriguez


In todays world 91 pitches is considered a long outing.

And if the Dodgers lose the series Roberts should be fired for every time he has brought Madson into the game with runners on base.


Tie game, let’s play 12 more!