MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


I think if you had Yadier Molina run in sand with ankle weights down to first base, he gets there faster than Manny Machado did on that grounder in the ninth. Yeesh.


Well, he was busy lining up to step on Pearce’s ankle, so he couldn’t really hit top speed.


I said it above, but I hope the Dodgers let Machado go. I prefer Seager at SS if he can play the position.


Blowing a bubble, down 3 runs in the 9th inning in the World Series, while trying to injure Pearce. What a piece of shit.


I know absolutely nothing about the book, “Baseball Cop” by Eddie Dominguez, but the fact that MLB has sent lawyers after it sure makes me interested in reading it.


I honestly can’t figure out what the fuck is up with Machado. It’s almost like he has some sociopathic immaturity. Anytime he gets beat, he wants to hurt the guy who beat him. He’s always sliding into or kicking the ankles of another player when he gets thrown out…he hits the catcher when he gets struck out. He reminds of that soccer player who was always biting his opponents. It’s almost like a compulsion.


Joe Kelly is hilarious and awesome.


Congrats, Red Sox fans!

Pitchers and catchers report in 109 days.


Machado ending it on a flailing strikeout seemed kinda fitting.


I have no love for Boston, home of the Masshole fans, but for Machdo? I’m happy to see him lose.


I don’t care about the Red Sox. Happy that Nunez and Hembree got rings, other than that, don’t care.

But I am thrilled that Machado doesn’t get a ring. Hope the only offer he gets is from the Marlins.


Manny will get paid, no doubt about it…but there may be far fewer bidders for him than before the postseason. And with fewer bidders, he definitely cost himself some $$.

Meanwhile, Boras says Bryce Harper has already picked his new team and that signing will be announced shortly. I’d say all the usual suspects – maybe not the Red Sox – are in on him…and a potential dark horse might be Colorado.


He is a jerk but that was an accident and as someone who caught for 6 years I can say it happens from time to time.


That’d be more credible if it hadn’t happened at least 3 times this series, all on strikeout pitches.


I’m not sure how a hitter within the milliseconds it takes to take a swing at a pitch realizes he’s missed it, checks on where the catcher is, and then lets the bat go so the backwing gets him.

Maybe. But I’d tend to say that was accidental.



I not sure I would say that Ian Kinsler did anything to help win the World Series.


I think Ryan Madsen should have been the Red Sox MVP.


Just updating that for the record…


Stretch McCovey passes away today. Godspeed!