MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


I was bummed when the league made the Twins remove the pines planted in the batter’s eye. It was such a cool little touch.


The batters eye in Anaheim looks like something from the Sierra Nevada’s, unless they have changed it.


Not really. It’s got so many regulatory hurdles to get over, it’ll be months/years yet before they get started.


They’re lovely renderings though!


According to their comments on twitter the batters eye is retractable and would come down during gameplay unlike what they are showing in the render.


I’m not sure I’d call this “nestled carefully into its surroundings”:


I wonder how many of those luxury yachts are going to use the cranes…


How else do you get the champagne Nebuchadnezzzars on board?


Portland, OR is also vying for an MLB team and also has just released renderings of a park in downtown PDX

See thread for more pictures:


Is baseball looking to expand? I really hope not. If not, what team are they thinking of stealing? After Dipoto is finished gutting the roster there might be a team here in Seattle that can be had for a case of Widmer Hefe.


There was talk of trying to get the A’s up here, if they couldn’t secure a new park in Oakland.

It’ll be an interesting sell to see who might want to come up. The Mariners consistently travel the most of any team in the US (in terms of miles). Portland may have trouble courting a team for that reason – but I guess if they pull an AL-West team up, it’ll reduce the number of miles both the Mariners and the PDX team will have to travel when they play each other.


Manfred has mentioned expansion to 32 and when giving examples of cities Portland was the first he offered.


I’m sure you, like me, see people with MLB @ PDX bumbler stickers all the time.

Not shocking at all really, given what our offices are, but until I moved out here I had no idea there was a serious push.

Granted I’m an NL guy, and couldn’t give a rip what is going on in the AL West. So that’s probably it too.


Send a team that doesn’t give a shit about seriously competing to Portland. e.g. Tampa (yes I know they had a good season but they won’t double down on that this off-season).


Yeah, I much prefer NL ball too. But if I team showed up here, I’d be game no matter the league.


Sure, and I can guarantee it’d be cheaper to see the Cubs when they came out too. So I’m all for it!

I’m already eyeing their May trip to Seattle. If only it wasn’t during the week…


Isn’t Tampa talking about building a new stadium?

And that rendering of the A’s new stadium also shows all the other stuff they are talking about putting in there, very little of which exists now.


There are now more NHL teams than MLB, so I don’t see why not.

MLB is now in the longest expansion drought since the expansion era started in 1961. 2019 will be the 21st year since the Rays/DBacks came into the league (previous high was 14 years from '78 to '92). The US population has grown by nearly 20% since 1998.


My guess is the Oakland site falls through, and the A’s end up in Portland. I think it’s more likely than the Howard Terminal.


Early marketing stadium renders vs actual stadiums are some of my favorite things.