MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


What is the population of the Portland area? I think Detroit metro is about 3 million these days and they don’t come anywhere near filling that stadium most days


Detroit’s attendence has generally been good when they are not actively tanking. The beginning of the decade playoff years had them around 3M


Portland metro is like 2.5M I think.


I don’t know, when league wide attendance is down to the lowest number since 2003, you have 6 teams setting marks for their lowest attendance, and you’ve got 4 teams (Oakland, Miami, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay) not even averaging 20K per home game, do we really need more teams?


I don’t know about all the development that is planned along with the new stadium at that site but doesn’t that area make the most sense for the new stadium. There is a BART station and existing parking lots. And if Oakland does the logical thing and demolishes the Coliseum they would have lots of room.


But income is way up. So even poorly drawing teams are making money. The question is why existing teams would want to share that revenue.


I’m torn on the idea of MLB in Portland. On the one hand, it’s a great town that I’m sure would support whichever team ended up there. And I’d love to be able to go to a game when I’m out there visiting my brother.

On the other hand, Portland already has a great sports scene with the Blazers (NBA), the Timbers and Thorns (soccer), and various minor league teams (like the Hops single A team out in Hillsboro). An MLB team could pull fans that are already engaged. And of course, cost to the area’s public finances is always a concern.

My lean is toward the “no” side, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if I showed up one year and my brother suggested an MLB game!


I mean I’m majorly against public financing of stadiums for sports teams. Vehemently against.

However I’d love MLB in Portland. As @nKoan noted, it’s a city metro of 2.5 million, it could certainly support it population wise.

But dear god, the traffic on the 405 and 26 on game day! I hope they’d have the smarts to build next to the Max.


They’d have to extend the Max to get there. The proposed spot is along the river north of the Pearl, north of the Fremont Bridge (I405) in the industrial district.


BART’s close, but it’s not that close.

There’s virtually no parking around that area. It’s almost all street parking, and that neighborhood is…well, it’s not very nice. They’d have to acquire land somewhere nearby to build parking lots…probably from the Port.

If you’re coming from the City or the North Bay, the ferry would be a good option, but that’s not a great option for locals. Alameda, I guess.


I thought this kind of shared the area where Oracle and the Coliseum is? Is it farther away than the drawing makes it look? We have BARTed to the Coliseum in the past.


No no, where the red circle is…that’s Howard Terminal. The blue circle is where the Coliseum/Arena is. About 7 miles apart, give or take.


Thanks for the map. I have been to Jack London Square and yea, it is nowhere near the coliseum. I assumed from the drawing the new stadium would be just west of the old one, probably across the freeway.

Is there a reason, probably no mass transit, why they don’t build on the old naval base. Toxic waste maybe?


The Coliseum is toxic waste, so that’s probably not the argument. Maybe because it is Alameda, and a different city government to deal with?


I wish they would just announce this Mariners/Mets trade already. I am getting nothing done at work today. On top of that Ryan Divish said he expects 2 Mariner trades to happen today so now I’m left wondering what the 2nd will be. I’m guessing something minor since there haven’t been any rumblings about another trade on the major sites yet.


It was a Superfund site, and was supposedly cleaned up…but you know, that business is always murky. There’s lots of commercial activity opening up on the site and they’re planning some housing development, so hopefully it’s cleaned up.

Alameda has all the transit problems of HT, but multiplied by 20. There’s only two ways on and off the island, a single-lane bridge and a single-lane tunnel. My sister and her family live in Alameda so I’m a little familiar with local politics from her. The locals wouldn’t stand for it.


Here ya go!


I really liked Colome but I guess it makes sense. Colome is gone in 2 seasons and this fills the void at catcher. He is the exact opposite of Zunino so at least I won’t have to see our catcher strike out twice a game anymore.


DiPoto certainly likes to look busy.


Rumors are along with the Cono/Diaz to Mets trade, there is a Segura to Phillies trade that is just pending Prospect approval.