MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


That is what I heard too. Right now as a Mariners fan the return we got for Segura looks bad. However, I’m not sure there was a huge market for Segura. One, there is the stipulation in the contract you mentioned. Two, think) wrote a good article showing there probably weren’t many teams who would be looking for a SS that wasn’t named Machado. Three, the Phillies probably knew there wasn’t a big market for him and that the Mariners really really did not want him on the opening day roster.

Segura struggled the second half of the season. If you bring him into the season and with the intention to trade him at the deadline there is a lot of risk that he will continue to regress or get injured. If the Mariners were determined to trade him before the season starts, this probably was the best they could do.


Patrick Corbin, probably the free agent pitching prize of this class, signs a 6 year, $126m deal with the Nats.


Also LOL:


So the Rays could trade them to somebody else no doubt. :)


Woo hoo! Get that post-career-year cash, Corbin!


Correcting original reports: Corbin’s deal is 6 years, 140. Which makes a little more sense.


The NL East is going to be fun next year. We aren’t even to the winter meetings yet and:


  • Robinson Cano
  • Edwin Diaz


  • Jean Segura


  • Patrick Corbin


  • Josh Donaldson
  • Brian McCann


Absolutely. Everyone making big moves. Mets still a few years away, but they should be more interesting than last season.


So…no, then.


Paul Goldschmidt is a Cardinal.

Waiting to see the cost. Would imagine Dakota Hudson is going to Arizona along with at least 2-3 others, depending.


Wow. St. Louis gave up not very much at all for Goldschmidt.

Carson Kelly is blocked by Yadi for at least 2 more years, and Kelly is about to be passed in the organization by Andrew Knizner. Luke Weaver I am not convinced doesn’t have an arm issue that will need repair. He lost all command of every one of his pitches last summer, and he used to be a guy who didn’t walk anyone. He also lost his spot in the rotation and in the pen.


Yay, no more Goldie!


Don’t know much about Carson Kelly but it seems like a pretty fair return given it’s only one year of Goldschmidt. Seems like Kelly is generally thought of as a 50 FV kind of prospect so the surplus value matches up.

Seems like a great trade from the Cardinal’s perspective dealing from depth for a hell of a player but I don’t think the Diamondbacks did poorly on their return.


Kelly looks like a solid defensive catcher…and the Cardinals kept waiting for his bat to develop, since he’s got one of those “toolsy” swings that scouts who aren’t married to stats really love. Unfortunately for him, Andrew Knizner’s defense started developing, and the Knizner has not just the swing, but the stats on his side.

If the D-backs can figure out what the heck went wrong for Luke Weaver, they may have something. But as Weaver attempted to develop a third pitch, he lost all the command on his fastball and became a negative WAR pitcher and lost his spot on the team, basically. As the team was trying to grab a playoff spot last September, Weaver made three appearances in mop -up relief only that month. And was bad at that.


That seems pretty optimistic on Yadi. Having a contract is not the same as getting production. I mean, I don’t wish him any bad fortune, but he’s an old catcher now and those tend to break down on a regular basis. But I guess the Cards must have another replacement in waiting now that Kelly is in the desert. Edit, yeah that guy you posted about while I was typing.


Your periodic reminder that Yuniesky Betancourt is alive and well, and getting his Lenny Randle on in the Mexican Leagues.


A 50 FV prospect ain’t nothing, especially if there’s upside beyond that. Good defensive catchers have a really high floor, and if the bat turns into anything more it’s cash money.

Of course, good on STL for trading from strength if dude has a superstud behind him.

Also, wtf I want Goldschmidt on my team! What a player. Alas. We’ll have to settle for Harper.


I think the issue with Carson Kelly was that he probably wasn’t going to get a huge look this season, barring a catastrophic injury to Yadi. And when he’s played part time, he hasn’t found a hitting groove at a major league level. Yet.

So for the Cardinals, Kelly was a guy who may have been at peak value this offseason, because he was wedged between the Yadi victory lap and another prospect with a better bat. He was absolutely a trade chip more than any other player they had…and an asset that could decline in value if he was only playing part time again this year.

The Cardinals definitely could regret it all. Yadi goes down for the year, for instance, and they don’t have a guy like Kelly to step in. From another perspective though, when Yadi went down with that VERY PAINFUL INJURY WE WON’T DISCUSS last year, Kelly lost the battle for that playing time to Francisco Pena.

And if Weaver’s arm is sound and he develops that third pitch, that’s a nice piece too.

And of course if the Cardinals can get Goldy to do what they got Matt Holliday, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds and Mark McGwire to do, and sign an extension, that makes the deal a little sweeter for them, too.


I’m still mad about Escobar signing his extension with AZ. We love you and want you back, Eduardo!