MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


The A’s closed their upper deck two years ago maybe.


From the sounds of it, Chris Duncan – the Cardinals unlikely hero of their 2006 World Series run, and also the son of famous pitching coach Dave Duncan and brother of former Yankee Shelly Duncan – is in the final end stages of brain cancer. Just a year after his mother was diagnosed with a GBM, he got the same diagnosis. Feel terrible for that family to have the same thing strike twice.


That’s just awful. I met Dave Duncan a couple of times when he played for Cleveland and he seemed like a really nice guy. What a terrible thing to have to go through as a parent.


AT&T Park is now Oracle Park. I guess I’ll adjust in a few years.


It’ll still be SBC Park… no wait Pacbell Park … to me.


Just as Cleveland’s “Progressive Field” will always be Jacobs Field or “The Jake” to me.


Eh, it could be worse…


My football team has a very popular chant sung by fans in a particular stand, which goes “We are the right side, the right side, the right side London Road. We are the left side, the left side, the left side London Road.” And so on, ad infinitum. The stand is not called the London Road end, it is officially the Oxford Mail stand, or more commonly the East stand. The London Road was a stand in the stadium we moved out of in 2001.


Idk, that’s not so terrible. I’d be more concerned about the stinky fart of a team that plays there ;)


Maybe it’s because they aren’t a prominent insurance company here but Safeco is one of those stadium sponsors that didn’t bother me. I feel the same about Ford Field given the ownership and culture of Detroit.

T-Mobile Park… eh. At least it isn’t Guaranteed Rate Field.


Have we decided what we are officially calling that park? I’ve been saying T-Mo but I guess it could be The Mo? T-Bil? I think it has to be T-Mo right?


Tommy Pham and the Tampa Bay Rays were unable to reach a deal today, so Pham will get an arbitration hearing.

They should sell pay per view for that.


Or Minute Maid. Ugh.