MLB 2019: Can't Hurdle the Turtle


As a fan of a National League team that just signed Price Harper to a 13-year deal, I’m also good with that.


Instead of a pitch clock, I wish they’d just make the batter stay in the fucking batter’s box.


Didn’t they already implement that and then stopped enforcing it?


The last thing baseball needs is to be like the NBA.

It is a rule but you rarely see it enforced. I do remember seeing a strike called on somebody last year for it though.


I think if they just outlaw batting gloves, the game will speed up from the lack of adjusting velcro straps.


I chuckled, but man. I would not want to be a professional baseball player who didn’t use batting gloves. Them shits sting.


This is terribly sad.


Ironically, one of the guys who is the SLOWEST at bat in the National League, Matt Carpenter, doesn’t wear any batting gloves at all.

However, if you measured his steps from Opening Day through October, I’d bet he walks about a mile just stepping in and out of the batter’s box.


There’s a few guys out there that don’t use them. In addition to Carp, there’s Wil Myers and Evan Gattis. Probably a few others I’m not thinking of. Prince Fielder, Vladimir Guerrero, and George Brett never wore them, either. Mark Grace only did on cold days.


would have interfered with all that pine tar


hey i heard you guys like george brett


Beep boop, yer out!


Earl Weaver is rolling over in his grave; with whom would he have bumped chests and kicked dirt upon?


There’ll still be a human in charge of each squad of robot umps, only they’ll weigh 150 lbs less than current umps, have pale sun-starved skin, and wear spectacles.


I think that a lot of these ideas are (for now at least) specifically being added just to make the changes that they are pushing for seem less extreme. Like when movies add scenes for the censors to axe.


Banning the shift is the only one I really have a problem with. Moving the mound back already helps hitters plenty.


Not everyone agrees with that part, even

“The mound being moved back will be way worse for hitters,” Kyle Boddy of Driveline Baseball told Baseball America 's Cooper. “The difference is not large from a velocity/reaction-time standpoint, but the movement difference is huge.”

“Play catch with a big leaguer throwing sliders at 50 feet and then play catch at 70 feet,” Boddy added. “[Catch at] 70 feet is infinitely more terrifying.”


I would think moving the mound back would have a huge effect on pitchers who depend on movement. Your splitter or curve ball needs to break in the right place or hitters will ignore it.


So MLB is looking at making the July 31st trade deadline THE deadline by doing away with the later “waiver line” trades. This was proposed by the players union according to what I read on


Yes please!