MLB 2020: No Labor Disputes Here! (yet)

Hm, that’s concerning.

Nice piece by Doug Glanville:

Yeah, super concerning. I’m not sure if this was how the Tyler Skaggs situation developed, but it was absolutely how it happened with Darryl Kile in 2002 – team at the ballpark, no sign of player, no contact or answering of phones, etc.

Here’s hoping it’s nothing THAT terrible, and just something else.

They’re on the road, too. I’m just going to wildly assume he’s not in his hotel room.

So…hoping that means (it has to, right?) that they’ve checked his hotel room. It may be that the hotel is like “Yeah, he checked out this morning and left with all his stuff.”

I kind of hope he just rented a car and went home.

So he hasn’t played since July of '18 and he’s off to a crappy start and all the players are under the stress of dealing with the virus. He could just be in severe funk.

Votto on the DL after self-reporting COVID-like symptoms.

Glad Cespedes is well. And I’m also guessing the Mets are pissed – not that he’s opting out, but the way that he did it. Probably freaked a whole bunch of folks on the team out.

Sure they are. All he had to do was call them and say I’m done. Some of these athletes seem like they are still children.

Cespedes has always been a bit of a head case. His actions were thoughtless.
But give it a few days and they will let it slide.

Some people really hate confrontation.

Looks like Mike Soroka tore his Achilles. Out for a year.

Holy shit. What a cursed season.

It’s less a baseball season, more a bloodsport at this point

Apparently the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee has a rep around MLB for being haunted, and now I want stories…

Seem to be lots of retellings of these same players stories if you search:

That’s the stuff. :)

Also, that’s an awesome-looking hotel.