MLB 2023: the Year The RSNs Broke

I think we agree, I was trying to show that their offensive side was very similar and the defensive position was the big differentiation. I wasn’t clear enough.

Yep. I misunderstood you.

Dude still lives with his parents. How embarrassing.

Ya for sure the fact that he played 1b and didn’t hit dingers is pretty much the problem. In this day and age he would be playing 2b and never be considered for 1B. I think he will get in at some point.

Yeah, but who does this guy think he is?

Nice game, pretty boy!

I miss Seinfeld.

I think a lot of it is the position they played. Third base is just considered a tougher position and has had fewer dominant players.

And here we go…

The position itself, but not the skill at the position. Hernandez is almost inarguably the best fielding first baseman of all time. Lack of HRs and the fact that it’s 1B is, imo, the main reason he’s not (yet) in.

(and yeah, I know you are saying a similar thing about the value of 3B vs 1B from a fielding perspective).

The cocaine stuff didn’t help either…

So Ronald Acuna is having a pretty interesting offseason…

Mets extend Jeff Mcneil 4 years 50 million. Unless he gets hit by a bus that’s an awesome deal. Honestly I’m pretty sure he could have gotten a lot more, but perhaps he thinks he can get by on 50. ;)

That might just the most pimped home run I’ve ever seen outside of a movie.

It’s not a celebration. It’s a limited original series.