MLB 2023: the Year The RSNs Broke

Cubs paying Counsell $8 million per year. That’s gonna reset the managerial salary actuarial tables for sure. Pretty sure that Terry Francona was making $5m/year with the Guardians, and he was by some margin the highest-paid manager before this.

Bochy made $6 million a year in 2017-18, and I can imagine he’s probably making at least $7-8 with the Rangers for this contract (3 years). Not saying Counsell isn’t worth $8 or anything, but I think salaries are at least that high these days for a number of head manger roles.

— Alan

I mean considering the player salaries 8 million really doesn’t seem that crazy to me. I need to check what football coaches make. I want to say freaking Rutgers pays a fortune to their coaches.

The Athletic says that Counsell’s deal makes him the highest paid by far.

Sorry. I’m going with Jeff Passan on this, and he says you’re completely wrong on this. In fact, as he points out it’s more lucrative to go manage at a plum NCAA program for most managers.

Ya good old Bill makes 20 million a year. The Rutgers coach 4 million… So I guess that means the Mets weren’t willing to pay 8 million a year? That seems weird considering the money they have been tossing around. Hell pay him 10 who cares? ;)

I honestly thought MLB managers made way more. Learned something new today that’s for sure. Freaking below average players can be making 8 million a year.

Wow. That’s a ridiculous amount for a manager. He must have an excellent point to the bullpen.

What are NCAA salaries then? I just randomly looked up a well-known program, Vanderbilt, and the head coach actually is the highest paid baseball coach in the NCAA at $2.5 million. Even if you factor in a shorter season by half, that’s still not close.

— Alan

Seems like being a football coach is way more profitable. Of course football brings in a lot more money so it makes sense.

Baseball NCAA

  • Tim Corbin: Vanderbilt, $2,447,059
  • Mike Bianco: Ole Miss, $1,625,000
  • Jim Schlossnagle: Texas A&M, $1,580,000
  • Tony Vitello: Tennessee, $1,500,000
  • Dave Van Horn: Arkansas, $1,350,000
  • Kevin O’ Sullivan: Florida, $1,290,000

Football NCAA I’m way too lazy to fix the formatting.
|1.|Nick Saban|Alabama|$11.4M|
|2.|Dabo Swinney|Clemson|$10.9M|
|3.|Kirby Smart|Georgia|$10.7M|
|4.|Ryan Day|Ohio State|$10.3M|
|5.|Mel Tucker*|Michigan State|$10M|
|6.|Lincoln Riley|USC|estimated $10M|
|7.|Brian Kelly|LSU|$9.9M|
|8.|Jimbo Fisher|Texas A&M|$9.1M|
|9.|Mark Stoops|Kentucky|$9.01M|
|10.|Josh Heupel|Tennessee|$9M|

I think he’s talking about coaching staffs and the trickle-down effect of having an $8m/5 years guy in the dugout. If you’ve got a choice and finances are a factor, it’s probably cheaper to head off to an SEC or Big XII school as a coach than stick around as a hitting coordinator or quality control coach on an MLB bench.

Per the Cubs, David Ross was dismissed from the club. No front office landing spot or whatever.


Harbaugh is 5 year/$36.7 mil.

Does pay for a head baseball coach really translate to better pay on coaching staffs on the NCAA level? I dunno if there’s any correlation there (and if there is, no one is mentioning that specifcally), again other than the fact that it’s more seasonal work than other jobs.

When someone says “coaches”, what does that mean?

— Alan

Hey, me too!

Worked for the Braves with Snitker.

I have no idea. But apparently it does translate to better pay for some MLB bench coaches who may have job offers to take over at an NCAA program instead of waiting their turn (possibly for a turn that never arrives) for an MLB job.

Reminder this is the Mets. Whatever they do turns to crap. ;)

My local high school just hired Troy Glauss to take over its baseball program. It is a school that has won state championships.

I don’t think he is getting that kind of money though. Wants to raise his kids here I think.

You mean he can’t point to Craig Counsell and demand millions from your local high school???

— Alan