MLB 2023: the Year The RSNs Broke

That’s brilliant, lol

The Angels have hired Ron Washington as their new manager. He’ll be 72 next season.

Should be easy, getting the Halos into the postseason - tell em, Wash.

GM meeting has been cancelled early, cause of GI problems definitely virus-related and not foodborne.

So, while we wait for some news, here’s a fun photo I came across and can verify the origin and personages in:


That kid up to bat is Yogi Berra. The teenager with the mop of dark hair over his left shoulder is his lifelong friend and future MLB broadcaster Joe Garagiola. The photo was taken on the ballfield behind Southwest High School in St. Louis, which is now the CVPA Magnet school about 8 or 9 blocks from where I live now.

Our as I saw it put eloquently by someone:

In play, run(s)

More bad news for the White Sox - The Tigers just yoinked Jason Benetti away as their new TV PBP guy.

I wonder who’ll replace him. The Hawk is rested and ready!

Padres owner and chairman has passed away.

Oakland A’s going to Vegas.

Owner should be stripped of a team for the crap he has been pulling for years. There needs to be freaking salary floor.

I would agree that there should be a minimum salary level and that the owner of the A’s has really not operated the team in good faith for several years.

In his defense they have tried to get a new stadium built for years and it looks like the last attempt has failed. IIRC the current stadium is the last of the old football/baseball stadiums and is currently more football than baseball. It is also a dump.

I’ll believe it when I see them invest in the team. The Marlins owner begged for a stadium and they pretty much sold off his team. Freaking dick.

Aaron Nola stays in Philly, apparently turning down higher offers. Seven years of course is a lot for a 30-year old pitcher but at least we Phils fans don’t have to face seeing him in a Braves uniform.

There better be a big move coming or else Mariner fandom is going to burn T-Mobile to the ground

I dont mind the trade, he wasnt very good last year and not worth what they are paying him. However now they have no one to play 3rd and there arent really any good free agent options that are improvements over Suarez so not sure what the plan is. I dont want Urias as an everyday starter, Champman strikes out a lot and wont be much of an upgrade if they try and go that route.

Who’s going to bite the bullet and sign Stroman? 3.60 career ERA and nobody wants him because he’s such a pain in the ass. He had a 3.02 ERA for the Mets and they didn’t even try and resign him. That’s epic levels of being a dick.

My wife thinks they might go after India to play second. But this is a bummer.

The Mets have poached Luis Severino from the Yankees on a one-year, $13 million deal.

While Severino was awful last season, this seems like a reasonable gamble for the Mets to bridge them to 2025, which is where it appears their focus lies.

Hot stove needs to start hottin’ up.

Tell me how to feel

They thought they needed right handed pitching?

Ownership and management seem hell bent on pissing off the entire fanbase.

John Stanton needs to sell the goddamn team.

Why on earth would this piss off the fan base? This is nothing compared to Trading Geno in that respect.