MLB 2024: The year the Dodgers win 120 games?

The NBA player who was recently banned was also caught by the betting service notifying the NBA.

I’d just prefer to not be inundated with commercials for services, betting lines during games, etc. but that’s not changing anytime soon.

No, it’s going to be the new reality that US sports will closely resemble European sports when it comes to gambling and sponsorship. They will be all over the place and you won’t be able to escape it.

The books are being cooperative, mostly because they can’t afford not to be. They have to deal with state-by-state regulation already on top of federal, and any additional federal pressure is going to be a giant headache. They’re still trying to turn out some kind, any kind, of profit. A look at Draftkings financials shows a negative 9 figure income as of September, which is… not great.

It also seems to take a lot of time to make these investigations though, and it definitely seems like they’re handing data over to league officials at some point.

— Alan

The good news is that eventually some of the gambling commercials go away. To be replaced by payday loan commercials so that people can borrow money to gamble more quickly.

Back to on the field stuff… I was at the Phils game on Monday night where Rhys Hoskins got a massive standing ovation on his return to Philadelphia. Yeah, I booed him when he hit the HR, then I cheered just a little. :slight_smile: I was in attendance for the playoff bat spike a couple years ago. Love this guy.

…and then the Phils won a walk-off last night where JT Realmuto once again kept on proving he’s the BCIB, Best Catcher in Baseball. He took a foul ball off the groin and stayed in. Got hit by a pitch, and took one to the melon to get the out at the plate that kept the game tied in the 10th. Dude is hard as nails. When you start comparing someone to Darren “Dutch” Daulton around here… that’s rarified air, and JT is probably better in every way.

He also did this on Monday night when I was there. Insane pick and throw for a double play.

I guess Jerry said no.

Just keep him away from the bullpen cart!

Checked the score early last night, saw the Royals down 7-0 after half an inning and wrote them off.

Can’t write off this years Royals. They won 10-9.

Baseball is a lot more fun when your team doesn’t stink!

They were down 8-0 at one point. A couple years ago, they overcame a 9 run deficit against the M’s, which is kinda funny, since their recent record against Seattle has been poor.

But yeah, it’s nice to be in June and not already out of the race for once. Gonna get a lot harder though - after Seattle, it’s the Yankees and Dodgers back-to-back, then Cleveland again to close out the month.

I’m shocked to learn that leagues encouraging degenerate behavior is leading to poor outcomes.

And THAT is actually a very good reason to want to separate sports from legalized gambling!

Yep. Truly shocking stuff that gambling being:

  1. blasted in peoples’ faces 24/7 and
  2. the easiest it’s ever been

has put us in this place. Now imagine how bad it is for college athletes who are infinitely more accessible.

Overall mlb question - is it me, or have batting averages fallen off a cliff the past couple of years, even with the shift outlawed?

I don’t watch a ton of baseball, but I’ve been watching more this year than last, and I’m constantly seeing lots of players with batting averages in the. 210 or lower range this year, and seeing multi year vets who used to be. 260-280 hitters around 50 points lower.

Is it just me, or have batting averages fallen off a cliff?

Last 10 years of MLB splits:
2024: .240/.310/.388/.698 (note that numbers usually improve as the season goes on)
2023: .248/.320/.414/.734
2022: .243/.312/.395/.706 (note: this is the season the NL got the DH)
2021: .244/.317/.411/.728
2020: .245/.322/.418/.740
2019: .252/.323/.435/.758
2018: .248/.318/.409/.728
2017: .255/.324/.426/.750
2016: .255/.322/.417/.739
2015: .254/.317/.405/.721
2014: .251/.314/.386/.700

So yeah, they’re dropping.

Every reliever throws 99mph and even most starters are in the upper-90s, which was unheard of 20 years ago. That and all the data every pitcher has access to in order to create perfect pitches has led to (most) hitters being terrible.

Ivy-leaguers ruined baseball.

It’s not as simple as better/harder throwing pitching. Hitters on a lot of teams are being taught/told to go for the homerun over everything else in their approach at the plate. The idea being that if you go 1 for 5 and one of those is a HR, you impacted the game more definitively than with a couple hits that likely left men on base. This in turn leads to a lot more strikeouts.

I watch this every night with the Phillies leading off Kyle Schwarber, who can make a game 1-0 with the first swing of the game. His teams have won near 80% of the games he’s homered in the first AB. His batting average hovers around 200-220 all year, but he also walks… a LOT.

Batting average as a statistic doesn’t tell the same story it used to, so it’s not something you should lean on in the same way you probably did twenty years ago.

Hitters today, and their teams, are willing to accept lower batting averages and more strikeouts in exchange for more home runs. The other thing is that teams pay for home runs, not singles.

They also un-juiced the ball.

All true and it makes for a much more boring game. I’m sure it’s still fun if you’re a fan of a good team (I was unfortunately born and raised in Seattle, so I wouldn’t know), but more often than should be acceptable, when my 6yo asks to watch the Mariners, I end up feeling like this.

The Mariners are 40-30 and lead the AL West. ???

With like a +12 run differential. They’ve been lucky, and after 40 years I’ve been trained to expect them to collapse in September and watch HOU sail right on by.