MLB 2024: The year the Dodgers win 120 games?

Royals extend Bobby Witt for 11 years, $288.7M

That seems pretty cheap for a 23 year old coming off a season when he was 7th in MVP voting but of course it’s by far the largest contract in Royals (or Missouri baseball) history

All things considered it feels like a very fair deal, maybe even a slight overpay given the opt outs. This year is pre-arb and the next three are arbitration years so if anything they’re betting on him keeping up this level of production or better and then spreading the expected cost of his free agency years over the length of the contract. And if he overperforms he can hit the market after 7 years at age 30.

My very cynical Royals fan friend texted me that you can see the cutoff year (after 2027) when the Royals will start looking to deal Witt for prospects when his annual salary jumps from $19m to $30m. I hope that isn’t the case, but…

LOL A’s.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman applauds the city’s rise as a sports destination with one exception: the Oakland A’s. Mayor Goodman told Front Office Sports that she believes the team’s plans at the Tropicana site don’t make sense and that the team ought to stay in Oakland.

While I know baseball isn’t the sport du jour, it’s still a money-maker. I wonder if either the A’s are even worse off than we know, it’s a bargaining ploy, or perhaps there are whispers of a better franchise that may entertain moving.

The mayor actually has no problem with them coming to Las Vegas she just wants the stadium built in another location.

And the A’s are done with Oakland.

The mayor said, more or less, “fuck off back to Oakland”…then issued a “clarification”, and said it again.

They should take a look at SLC. There’s probably plenty of land in the Great Salt Lake bed that Fisher can get for a song.

The article I read yesterday said she wanted a stadium site off the Vegas strip, but apparently the strip is controlled by Clarke County rather than the city of Las Vegas.

But yea, she would rather they not come than build on the strip.

Yep, the City of Las Vegas boundary on the Strip (South Las Vegas Blvd.) ends at Sahara Avenue, so the only “Strip” casino that actually is in Las Vegas is The Strat. Clark County has over double the population of Las Vegas itself, and vastly more money, so it is really the Big Cheese around there. The Mayor is just whining about losing another attraction to the County & its willingness to slap another room tax on the Strip casinos to pay for another stadium.

Corey Kluber unsurprisingly has announced his retirement from MLB. When he was healthy and “on”, he was, frankly, unhittable. His 2017 season (2.25 ERA, 265 k’s in 203 innings with only 36 walks) is maybe the best single-season any pitcher in the 2010s had. I can remember thinking “You could give those guys 4 strikes and he’d still throw a shutout.”

Plus, Keith Law ranks their farm as best in the game. Good times in Bawlmer…

Insane peak. Equally insane decline after that peak. Injuries took their toll… and he still managed to put it all together for a no hitter in his waning days.

We really need a Hall of Very Good for these guys that shined so bright but couldn’t make it last for a decade or more.

Yeah, like the janitor says in The Queen’s Gambit: he had his gift (a wipeout slider that he could throw in any count for a strike) but he also had what it cost him (a shredded labrum and rotator cuff).

His path to Cleveland was rather interesting, imho.

  • June 7, 1977: Jerry Dybzinski was drafted by Cleveland in the 15th round. Stat of note: 3 HR in 1037 MLB plate appearances.
  • April 1, 1983: Dybzinski was traded to the Chicago White Sox for Pat Tabler. Stat of note: Major League career record holder for the highest batting average with the bases loaded, at .489 (43 of 88, with a 1.198 OPS, including 11 walks and 108 RBI).
  • April 10, 1986: Corey Kluber was BORN
  • June 3, 1988: Tabler was traded to Kansas City for Bud Black. Stat of note: went 25-24 with a 3.63 ERA for three Cleveland teams that had losing records.
  • Sept 16, 1990: Black—about to be a free agent—was traded to Toronto for three minor players, including Alex Sanchez. Stat of note: he would never play for Cleveland.
  • Nov 6, 1990: Sanchez was traded BACK to Toronto for Willie Blair. Stat of note: coming off a decent rookie season, Blair would pitch for 12 mediocre years but only appeared in 11 games in a Cleveland uniform.
  • Dec 10, 1991: Blair was traded with Ed Taubensee to Houston for Kenny Lofton (and David Rohde). Stat of note: Lofton would play 9 seasons total in Cleveland with 6 All-Star appearances and 4 Gold Gloves, and ranks 15th all-time in stolen bases.
  • March 25, 1997: in the final season of his contract, Lofton was traded to Atlanta for David Justice and Marquis Grissom (Lofton would sign back up with Cleveland in December). Stat of note: due to the re-signing of Lofton, Justice would spend the following three seasons playing in the same outfield as the player he was traded for.
  • June 29, 2000: Justice was traded to the NY Yankees for three players, including Jake Westbrook. Stat of note: made one All-Star appearance, in 2004, when he also led the league in complete games (5).
  • July 31, 2010: Westbrook was traded in a 3-team deal to St. Louis, while Cleveland got Corey Kluber from San Diego (St. Louis would also get Nick Greenwood and San Diego would get Ryan Ludwick, who had actually played earlier in his career for Cleveland).

Stats of note: let’s just say Cleveland absolutely fleeced both teams.

Corey Kluber: won 2 Cy Young Awards over 9 seasons with Cleveland, and would eventually get traded as he entered the twilight of his career for Emmanuel Clase (and Delino Deshields), who hasn’t been too bad.

St. Louis
Nick Greenwood: career 2-2, 5.25 ERA in 36 innings, lost to free agency
Jake Westbrook: would go 36-32 for St. Louis, and only pitch 2 innings in the postseason for them, retired

San Diego
Ryan Ludwick: combined for 17 home runs in 587 at bats over two partial seasons, sold to Pittsburgh

But also: winning pitcher in the immortal “We will see you tomorrow night!” Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. (Westbrook pitched the top of the 11th inning, and David Freese walked it off in the bottom half.)


This is true!

Fanatics’ total enshittification of sports merchandise has finally made it to the players.

Genius move, really. If the players are wearing garbage then they can peddle their crap as authentic!

A thread as well for non-subscribers:

I saw a picture of the new Mariners uniform and the armpatch is no longer embroidered, it’s simply a printed design on a circular piece of fabric that is then sewn on. Looks like a downgrade. Plus I heard the retail price for official game jerseys is going up to something like $400(!!!).

In other news, I just saw that the Marlins seem to have made an offer to Tim Anderson. I breathed a sigh of relief, because I was worried the Nationals would do something stupid and try to sign him. I don’t see the Nats as being all that much this year but I can’t see how Anderson would improve them (even if they signed him as potential trade bait).

We are in the first weekend of spring training, and 4 of the top 10 free agents remain unsigned and without teams.

Not coincidentally, all four are Scott Boras clients.