MLB 2024: The year the Dodgers win 120 games?

Desperately hoping the Cubs hold on to Bellinger, but I doubt it.

Eric Hosmer realizes announces his retirement:

Hosmer and “Moonball Media”


Apparently the issues with the new, terrible Fanatics uniforms go beyond just the cheap letters/numbers and such.

It, uh, seems like the white uniform pants are completely transparent. Which, uh, means that if players aren’t, uh, careful, well…

(Also, there appears to be a shortage of pants as well, per the Athletic)

There have been plenty of photos going around on Twitter today. Some unflattering, others well… good for them.

How does that happen? It’s not like the number pants needed is some mystery is it?

Exclusive contract and the MLB management likes the money.

MLB has issued a statement saying the pants are the exact same as last season. I rolled my eyes so hard they almost popped out.

Seems like an opportune time to quote George Orwell:

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Seems like it may be happening?


Ken’s take:

This can’t be what Scott Boras wanted. And now that the first of the Boras Four, Cody Bellinger, has reached agreement on a lesser contract than expected, it might only embolden the teams pursuing Boras’ other top free-agent clients to hold the line.

I mean, I’m sure Bellinger would’ve liked more years at something around or above that AAV…but he also very much seemed like the guy who was most vulnerable to getting hung out to dry for another 1-year prove-it contract. Again.

In the end, at least this time, he’s getting a solid, if not stratospheric contract, the Cubs get him on a duration that makes them less antsy and more OK with the risk. Good on 'em both.

Anyone interested in doing a fantasy baseball league this year?

— Alan

It’s been awhile, but I’d be down for one.

Personally I think that Bellinger/Boras are big winners here. His bounce back season had a pretty solid luck component to it and he continued the trend of hitting the ball softer each year. I think it’s more likely he regresses significantly than puts up another 4 WAR year.

If he regresses that 80M is looking pretty nice for him. And if he happens to have a good year he can get paid even more.

Depending on what type I would be interested.

What type do you like?

— Alan

It’s also been a long time for me but I’d be interested depending on how the draft works. I’m not sure I can commit to a long live draft system.

There are leagues that play teams against teams and then leagues which base everything on a season long point total. Both work for me. Also the number of stats used can vary from a couple to many.

It has been probably 8-10 years so I have forgotten what the proper terminology is for those. Rotisserie leagues.

Back in the day you could set up free leagues using your rules, more or less. Auto drafting was available, you just had to set your preferences up in advance.

Yes Rotisserie is traditional fantasy baseball, based on accumulated and averaged stats over the season. Head to Head, or H2H, is a perversion of fantasy baseball that adopts the fantasy football approach of team against team each week.

My friends league does a hybrid, Roto during most of the season, and H2H for playoffs.

Had to share this because I was laughing out loud by the last tweet.

Last year we only had three scheduled and they were over by May. The Phils used to have more of these when they weren’t good. I appreciate Kyle and Senator Casey holding the Phils feet to the fire on this one. lol!

My group of friends did fantasy baseball for almost 20 years before I got into a Roto based set of leagues. I eventually left our group as the gambling became more important than the fun.

I enjoyed roto leagues although I had to educate myself on what was important and what wasn’t.

If someone wanted to set up a league on ESPN or CBS Sports I would be interested.