MLB The Show 19 - anyone?

Sony does not make it easy to see if next year’s version is worth investing in. The new features are all meh. And listing this is a “feature”?

  • We’ve spent the offseason studying gameplay telemetry and community feedback to drive changes in our hitting engine and defensive AI.

Sounds like you think this is “special” for selling a new game? You should be doing that as part of your normal job. Listing it as one of the very few bullet-points to push a roster update seems kinda desperate.

Nah, I’m good. I bought 18 and I never buy sports games two years in a row.

I have it ready to go. I haven’t played since '16.

I’ll be playing it right away, because I’m a sucker. The feedback bit is that they slowed down pitches last year but will be speeding them back up this season. I miss the old Triple Play/MVP system where the pitch would blink a certain color, like green for changeup, red for breaking ball, etc. Also miss the college version of that game - would be great if the Show could someday implement that into the game.

18 had some great features…but also felt fundamentally broken in too many ways in RTTS mode. It sounds like they’ve addressed a lot of those concerns this time out.

Seems they spent a lot of time on RTTS. I don’t play that mode a ton so I can’t comment on any issue from last season. I plan on spending a lot of time in DD and the new game mode that they added for playing out a season. It’s super fun to collect the players you like and build a team. Sure there are people that will dump a billion dollars and have a super team up front, but whatever.

There’s a link on operation sports to get an extra 10 packs. Haven’t tried it yet myself.

Says the rewards are currently available for some reason.

Apparently a bunch of people found a way to scam it to get 100’s of packs and they pulled it since this morning. :(

From the OS comments

“People have apparently been signing up with tons of different accounts in order to get hundreds of free packs, so SDS have taken it down apparently. No idea why they did it this way instead of just giving everyone the 10 packs and 1k stubs when they sign into the game, all that this did was leave it open to abuse and screw over the non-NA players who were ineligible for the codes.
So expect the market to be a bit broken on release with the cheats having hundreds of free packs to open.”

Yeah just saw that. Fucknuts always ruin it for everyone else. Pretty dumb way to implement this though, if they didn’t see that coming.

They have yet to have a launch where they don’t screw something up and give you free stubs or packs later. So shrug… No big loss.

The first (and only) Show I spent a huge chunk of time on was '17. The servers were so bad that it would take minutes just to launch the game - regardless of mode - because the game was trying to hit the servers at the title screen. The server fire persisted for weeks until I called it quits.

I might pick this one if I get the all clear - a testament to the fact that if you did get in (and playing at ass o’clock in the morning sure helped) the gameplay was worth it - but there’s also OOTP Perfect Team calling me.

It will probably be poo for a couple of weeks and then get better. They just have no idea how to host an online game for some reason. I wonder if they finally added lefty and righty lineups in DD? It drives me nuts that they don’t have that in DD. I mean that’s like the most basic thing in baseball.

Oh man, had forgotten about that. And yes, completely baffling that it doesn’t exist. You should be able to have a few different lineups too, with the way you have to keep changing it to fit the different challenges.

I do know that one of their areas of focus was improving the multiplayer experience this time around.

That was their focus last year two and it was crap for two weeks. They get slammed so hard that they just don’t know how to deal with it. Not the end of the world, but I don’t expect to login at midnight tonight and expect it to not run like poo. :)

I have to figure out which player I’m going to pick. Everyone gets one diamond player to pick and you actually can sell it later. Henderson will be taken by 99.99% of the people so I’m thinking of going against the grain. Picking a pitcher seems like a waste so hmmm. Chipper Jones would be a solid choice, but he was the Mets killer his entire career. Hell he named his freaking kid Shea after the stadium. Dick. ;)

List in case you don’t know

Overall, player, year/type, position, team

87 Frank Thomas 1991 B.O. 1st base, White Sox
89 Tom Seaver 1969 B.O. Pitcher, Mets
89 Roy Oswalt 2001 Rookie Pitcher, Astros
88 Stan Musial 1944 P.S. RF, Cardinals
88 Kerry Wood 1998 H.W. Pitcher, Cubs
87 Curtis Granderson 2007 B.O. CF, Tigers
87 Ted Williams 1939 Rookie RF, Red Sox
88 Tony Gwynn 1994 Veteran RF, Padres
87 Lou Gehrig 1925 Rookie 1B, Yankees
88 Jackie Robinson 1954 A.S. LF, Dodgers
87 Jason Kendall 1998 A.S. C, Pirates
87 Chipper Jones 2008 A.S. 3B, Braves
87 Steve Finley 2000 A.S. CF, Dbacks
87 Barry Larkin 1990 P.S. SS Reds
87 Cliff Floyd 2001 A.S. CF Marlins
89 Bob Feller 1939 B.O. P Indians
87 Buster Posey 2010 H.W. C Giants
87 Joe Carter 1993 P.S. RF, Blue Jays
87 Ian Kinsler 2008 B.O. 2B Rangers
87 Mike Schmidt 1986 H.W. 1B Phillies
87 Rickey Henderson 1980 B.O. LF A’s
87 Johnny Damon 2000 B.O. CF Royals
88 Evan Longo 2009 A.S. 3B Rays
87 Robin Yount 1980 B.O. SS Brewers
89 Nolan Ryan 1974 Vet. P Angels
87 Matt Holiday 2007 A.S. LF Rockies
88 Felix Hernandez 2010 H.W. P Mariners
87 Cal Ripken 1983 B.O. SS Orioles
88 Gary Carter 1981 P.S. C Expos
87 Torii Hunter 2002 A.S. CF Twins

To get me in the mood…

How has this not been pulled from youtube?

When it was a game 2

FYI the devs are running a live feed going through the game. I know some people have said they haven’t added a lot to this year, but to me what they have added I really like. The Moments they just went through and looks like a ton of fun. March to October seems like a really fun mode that has a ton of replayability and then of course you have franchise, DD and RTTS. I’m super hyped this year for some reason. I think with the current political climate I need to hide in baseball. ;)

Live Feed

If all those dudes are 87-89, who is 90+? Jesus Himself?

Welcome to DD. Those aren’t the best versions of those players. I’m sure there’s a 99 Jackie Robinson card out there with much better stats than the one you get from that list. Same with all the other players in the list. It’s really a brilliant and evil thing that has come up the last few years. For me personally the only one that actually grabs me is baseball. As kids we all collected cards and there were always different versions of the player cards etc.