MLB The Show 19 - anyone?

What pitching mode do you use?

Wow, been a while, I seem to remember using analog.

In non-RTTS games, there’s a popup in the corner at the start of each at-bat that shows the defensive alignment. I imagine it would be the same for RTTS, though I’m not 100% sure.

I am after a Baseball game.

I have super mega baseball 2 which is fun but I am also after something more realistic

I have never played baseball before, being from the UK it’s not popular.

Is MLB 2019 which is £50 that much better than 18 which is half the price.

Any advice or other options would be appreciated

No other options. If you want good baseball that’s semi realistic, the show 19 is the only way to go. I wouldn’t do 18 joust because of the improvements in the game this year.

I have not liked a baseball game since High Heat baseball way back when…until The Show 2019…really really enjoy it.

The offer of Vizquel for the current event finally put me over the edge and I bought it. Then I found out the event ends tomorrow at noon Pacific (hey SDS, maybe send out these event emails a bit sooner?) so I spent a few hours grinding out stubs to put together a team to enter the event. Every fucking team has a Ronald Acuna, and everyone I’m playing against has prestiged at least once. I haven’t won a game yet - which is a requirement for the card unlocks. I forgot how awful the online experience was, especially jumping in late.

Hopefully I fare better in some of the other modes. March to October seemed interesting from what I’ve played so far, and though the implementation is a bit rough, enjoying the Moments as well.

Speaking as another UK-based baseball fan, I haven’t felt the need to upgrade from 18 to 19. I would probably get 19 if I were coming at it fresh though, and skip 20.

Jumping in late to DD the way they have it setup is pretty pointless. A lot of stuff you won’t be able to get at all. I’m pretty burned out on DD after really enjoying it for a bit. The online play can be super annoying as you never know when you are going to run into something cheesy. For example the amount of bloop hits is totally insane and then there’s the freaking 49 rated knuckleball pitcher that people like to bring out. The animations for the knuckleball don’t make any sense and it’s pretty much a guessing game to try and hit it at all. Lovely…

Can you play DD is single player not online?

Yes, there are a bunch of different ways to play single player. The only caveat there is that some of the elite players are exclusive to the online Events, Battle Royal, or Ranked Seasons modes. You can still build a hell of a team without touching those, though. The only online mode I play is Ranked Seasons (and I’m not great at it), but I’ve currently got two position players who I consider to be endgame-level.

Speaking of Ranked Seasons, I got my first Mercy Rule win tonight. My opponent was wild from the start, and ended up grooving a bases-loaded fastball to my created player, who took it out to right-center for a grand slam and a 6-0 lead. After that, my opponent hit a bunch of guys in a row, getting everyone in his bullpen ejected and causing the CPU to call the game.

Then I decided to play another game, in which I let Nolan Ryan pitch one inning too long and gave up a three-run homer in a 1-1 game. Ended up losing 5-2. The Show giveth, and the Show taketh away.


I only play RTTS, single player of course. and almost always as a pitcher, starting in the draft and role playing a career. When I play I get addicted, but I haven’t played since I think the 2017 version. What are the upgrades to the RTTS system?

The one thing that used to frustrate me , a lot, was needing to get certain hitting achievements that would impact my RTTS pitching career. Really, I need to successfully get certain hitting goals to advance as a pitcher in the majors?

OK purchased MLB The Show 19. 55 gig D/L so almost there, looking forward to this. Especially knowing pretty much nothing about Bseball apart from hitting the thing :)

Played a bit, pitching was fine, batting a lot trickier. While I understand the fundamentals of Baseball some things I have no idea on. For example positions, who plays where, why and what stats influence those positions the most.

I know understand what people go through trying to play a FIFA game for the first time with no understanding of positions or stats.

I love the presentation of the game but does anyone have a really simple baseball guide and noobs guide to MLB. Might be really helpful.

Not sure if this thread is still going on. Lol Anyways, this years DD is sooo much better than last!! Still a few things that need tweaking, but overall I don’t have many complaints. I guess my biggest one is, the bloop hits. Like it was already decided before the start of the game that you were gonna get the L. I can be hitting rockets and everything is being caught, but a bloop and a blast and I lose. I guess that happens in real life occasionally, but not as much. My main reason of joining is, does anyone have any idea how to turn off the automatic shifting your defense does for certain players? I hate having to remember before every game to change it. I never shift. I don’t see the purpose of it in a video game. Plus, it’s way too easy to beat the shift. Playing against strong players, you’re basically gifting them a double or triple.

Is there now a way in the RTTS, when playing as a pitcher, to look at your defensive positioning while pitching? It used to drive me crazy to be pitching and not know my team had a shift on.


Sorry I don’t have answers for either of you.

@Acunited2020 From the main screen, you can go to Options > User Settings > Gameplay Options > Fielding. Then scroll down and set Defensive Shift to Manual. The drawback of this is that you will have to manually set the defense for double plays, bunts, infield in situations, etc.

I know you can set a default defense for each opposing batter in the quick menu in-game, but I’m not sure if that will stop the game from automatically shifting for you. If it will, that may be the better option.

@JeffL, as far as I know, there’s no easy way The only other thing I can think of is to hit the Options button for each batter and look at the defensive positioning in the upper right.

So, with this coming out on PS Plus, is there any benefit to keeping 18 installed or can I safely delete it? Not talking about keeping it permanently, I can always reinstall, but just in terms of in-game bonuses or the like.