MLB The Show 19 - anyone?

I pretty much play RTTS exclusively, as a pitcher, so maybe I’ve gotten used to it. It has got a lot harder in this year’s game if you have a man on base - the analog meter speeds up significantly.

Well done on the hitting, I’ve always found it extremely difficult, mirroring the real game I assume. Dynamic difficulty is definitely the way to go when starting out.

The meter changing based on the runners on base and the different pitchers is why I could never use it. The meter is super fast when you are pitching with runners on and I hate it.

Highly recommended. I love the sticks though I have a hard time keeping them on at times.

Holy shit I never realised that’s what was happening.

Ya the meter speed is based on the pitchers delivery. For example Kershaw when men on base has hyper speed meter. Blech…

I was addicted to this game a couple of years ago, I play RTTS as a pitcher almost exclusively. Got the 19 version since it was free.

One question: my biggest complaint in RTTS as a pitcher is that there was no way for me to see how my defense was aligned for the current batter. It was frustrating to see the batter hit a weak ground ball for a hit because my defense was in a hard shift, if I’d known that I would have chosen different pitch locations. Is there a way in 19, as a pitcher in RTTS, to look at how my defense is aligned?

Grrr my 19 game hitting streak in Rtts ended.

I don’t know what happened to me. I was consistently hitting between 390 and 420 for almost the first 2 months - working my way up the dynamic difficulty from rookie to veteran+. Then I fell apart and I’m down to rookie. I think I’m down to 340. I can’t judge strikes anymore at all (never my strong point), but I was doing well enough. I could at least make contact.I’m still struggling at rookie now.

I’m using one of the zoomed in views while batting. The strike zone takes up much of the screen. At first I had a much easier time judging strikes with this.

Bumping up my question: As a pitcher in RTTS in the 19 version, is there a way to see how my defense is aligned (e.g. is there a shift on?) for the current batter?

I’d answer if I knew.

Anyone know if there is any mode where you can play as the 1978 Yankees?

I have the same problem with no solution.

Rob - I have similar issues and I just quit for a while. Gets too frustrating when I can’t hit anything.

Closest you can get to the '78 Yankees is in the Diamond Dynasty mode. There are Ron Guidry, Goose Gossage, and Reggie Jackson cards. The Guidry is specifically based on '78, but the Gossage is based on the '81 season, and the Jackson is based on his Oakland years.

I’ll have to try Diamond Dynasty. You could play that completely single player, right?

I bounced back. I struggled, but I got the difficulty back to veteran, and then it fell again. After my batting average fell to around 320 (from 420) I got it back up and finished AAA at 340 which I was OK with. I finally hit my first HR too.

First 8 games I have 30 AB and hitting 430, number 4 in the league. Got up to veteran difficulty. It won’t last though.
I got a major league contract and played spring training for the Yankees, starting off horribly and then getting my average to 310 and made the team. The difficulty dropped to beginner 3 before I worked it back up to rookie +. It will be interesting to see how I do in my first major league season and where the dynamic difficulty will go. Happy now to be in the real major league stadiums.

Ha. I actually like the most of the minor league stadiums better. Especially those that show nature.

Yes, you can play Diamond Dynasty entirely single player. Conquest mode is probably where you’d want to start there.


I’ve been poking around in some of the diamond dynasty screens after playing some conquest mode and moments. is there any reason I don’t want to trade common players for bronze or bronze for better players. Do I need to keep them for collections or something?

Yeah, there are various awards for assembling certain #s of players from each team. Once you’ve used a player for that purpose though, you won’t be able to trade them in or sell them. But you’ll likely have multiple copies of a lot of common/bronze players anyways. So keep 1 of each and trade in the rest.

Ok thanks. 90 percent of the players I get are worse than my starting players. I guess they are there for collections. I really want to land Don Mattingly and Ron Guidry.