MLB The Show 19 - anyone?

It really is a butt farting on a human face forever, isn’t it?

IF you ordered something other than the base game, you mean. I didn’t get any diamonds, unless I completely missed something.

Ah ya sorry it’s only the special editions apparently.

The March to October mode is pretty cool. Playing as the Rangers, I’ve had to try to complete a perfect game, a shutout, have a great game with Mazara, and a few other challenges so far. Each one is no more than 3-4 innings so it keeps up the flow really well.

The choice packs are a nice addition too, though I’ve only had one and chose Carlos Correa (gold). The regular packs seem to be 1500 points so far this year, and you only get 4 players so not sure what’s going on. The standard packs you unlock in the game have the usual 6 players so hopefully the 1000 pt packs are in at some point.

No more RTTS boosts using stubs. I’m toting around a boatload of stubs from selling off all my stuff and pre-ordering. (I do not play online.)

That’s a bummer.

I foresee a long stint in the minors for my dude. At least there is still a road there.

March to October looks really groovy, I might hit that up soon.

You don’t really need the boosts though, right? Since now you can set your created player to whatever ratings you want, right?

Heck no, they start out with set stats and you gain them in increments of a point by doing them during games, or doing minigames when they pop on off days or between series (which is horribly rare in the minors).

Say that you’re batting against a lefty and you pop out. That’s -1/10th of a Power vs Left point. If you use the power swing and get a hit it’s +1/10th of a point. It’s uh, a long road.

Wait, I swear one of the bullet points was that you could set your player to whatever you want this year. Let me try to find it.

Or maybe they just removed the attribute cap?

There are no caps. I dread to think of how long it would take someone to reach all 99’s.

Yep, just removed the caps, and then also made it once again possible to play for the team of your choice.

Ok, makes a lot more sense that way. Looking forward to my usual rapid ascent through double-AA to the majors, where I’ll sit on the bench and get PH appearances for a few seasons while my youth abandons me.

I just ground out to 2nd and lost a point of Power vs R. It’s not that awesome.


Heading into the bottom of the 22nd inning in my March to October game. Started in the 7th. 0-0, I have 19 hits now. Can’t FREAKING SCORE. A’s have 7 hits total, 32 Ks.


I’m good at pitching!

Taking your advice, I got good! Odor rips a HR in the top of the 25th and I hold on for the 1-0 win. Then the Rangers run off a 7 game winning streak fueled by all the momentum I racked up (shutout + win + marathon win). Too bad it doesn’t show the final boxscore - it takes you right to the rewards/etc screen after each game.

This game is f’n amazing. On paper it doesn’t seem like a big leap from 18, but this is just blowing my mind. The improvements in fielding are so obvious and so well done that it’s kicked this game up like a million notches for me. I’m seriously giddy with how much fun I’m having with this.

There’s just so much to do that if you get bored you just move to another mode and it’s fresh again. I haven’t even touched march to October yet. Unless this game turns around and kicks me in the balls somehow I would say this is EASILY the best sports game I’ve played.

Uggghhhhh, doing my best to wait for the inevitable midsummer sale over here, but y’all ain’t helping.