MLB The Show 19 - anyone?

So, with this coming out on PS Plus, is there any benefit to keeping 18 installed or can I safely delete it? Not talking about keeping it permanently, I can always reinstall, but just in terms of in-game bonuses or the like.

I’m a very casual The Show player. I’ve played a couple versions maybe a couple dozen hours each or so. I don’t play online. I also no longer follow baseball, so I don’t have any attachment to current players (I was an avid Yankee fan from around 1976-1987).

Any recommendations for the most fun way to play the game? Any settings I should definitely change?

Either RTTS in your favoured position, or single-player Conquest in Diamond Dynasty or whatever it’s called in 19, though that can get repetitive.

What do you do in Conquest in Diamond Dynasty? I don’t think I ever played that.

RTTS is where you start off in the minors and move up the ranks as you achieve goals, right?


Conquest is a sort of very light paint the map strategy game where the battles are three inning (by default) baseball games, and you unlock players (and different versions of the same players) as you hit various milestones. You can also trade players on a market. Risk meets Ultimate Team, basically.

Weird, but maybe I’ll try that after some RTTS

Going through options now. I think I like the zone hitting. Pitching is a harder choice. I’m not great at moving the analog stick up accurately for analog. The pulses are way too fast for pulse, but in theory I like it. Classic is a bit boring to me, but maybe best if not playing rtts. Probably wouldn’t be a pitcher anyway. Maybe in national league as I like to hit. Meter is pretty good.

For throwing it’s between button accuracy and buttons. Analog is too difficult for me to move the stick accurately. Not sure if button accuracy will be to hard.

Analog pitching takes a while to master, but it is vastly better than any other option. Especially if you want to play online. I’m pretty much burnt out for the season. I got hundreds and hundreds of hours, but it just feels like a grind at this point. I might try and continue a franchise, but I have so many other things I want to play right now.

This is what I use for my settings btw:
Button Accuracy - This takes a bit to get used to, but is easily the best way to throw.
Zone Hitting - Again this is what you need to use if you want to play online.
Pitching Analog - You have the most control of your pitching once you get the hang of it.

I agree 100% with Octavous230 about Analog pitching - it has the added benefit of dealing with the issue of declining motor skills in relation to timed button presses ;)

For analog pitching it just seems so much harder to move the right stick accurately for me.Maybe I just need some practice. I’m a little erratic with the meter but it seems easier without making it too easy.

I just did the practice game that automatically starts the first time you play and I lost 2-1. I outhit him 9 to 2, but one inning I walked one, made an error and he got his two hits.

The dynamic difficulty for pitching almost went up a level to Rookie+. For batting a stayed right in the middle with Rookie after going up and down. I’m not very good.

But, I did have a ton of fun and am looking forward to playing RTTS. Hopefully I’ll get better. After I play a bit maybe I’ll move to button accuracy for fielding - it seems doable. After I play a bit maybe I’ll practice analog pitching to see if I can get the hang of it.

I’d HIGHLY recommend checking on Kontrol Freek attachments. I use a longer stick length on the right stick and it makes pitching a lot easier once you get the hang of it.

This is what I have. The short one goes on the left stick. The long one on the right.

You will wonder how you played console games without them. It’s really amazing what those things can do.

FYI that setup is perfect for any FPS game on the console too. The longer stick makes it easier to be precise with your aim. Science or something is involved.

Interesting. I never heard of those. Maybe I’ll have to try it. I go through long periods where I don’t play on the PS, but I use an XBox controller for more and more games on the PC.

I pretty much play RTTS exclusively, as a pitcher, so maybe I’ve gotten used to it. It has got a lot harder in this year’s game if you have a man on base - the analog meter speeds up significantly.

Well done on the hitting, I’ve always found it extremely difficult, mirroring the real game I assume. Dynamic difficulty is definitely the way to go when starting out.

The meter changing based on the runners on base and the different pitchers is why I could never use it. The meter is super fast when you are pitching with runners on and I hate it.

Highly recommended. I love the sticks though I have a hard time keeping them on at times.

Holy shit I never realised that’s what was happening.

Ya the meter speed is based on the pitchers delivery. For example Kershaw when men on base has hyper speed meter. Blech…

I was addicted to this game a couple of years ago, I play RTTS as a pitcher almost exclusively. Got the 19 version since it was free.

One question: my biggest complaint in RTTS as a pitcher is that there was no way for me to see how my defense was aligned for the current batter. It was frustrating to see the batter hit a weak ground ball for a hit because my defense was in a hard shift, if I’d known that I would have chosen different pitch locations. Is there a way in 19, as a pitcher in RTTS, to look at how my defense is aligned?

Grrr my 19 game hitting streak in Rtts ended.