MLB The show 21 tonight!

I spent my evening cussing at it. I may as well roll a die because I cannot read a pitch in this game any better than I could in real life. :(

That’s me too. I’m playing on rookie mode for now. The practice mode they have is pretty amazing, so when I can tear myself away from program mode and making stuff I’ll learn how pitches move through that.

Sure would be nice if their stupid servers would stay up for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Two caveats: I don’t have this year’s game so can’t comment specifically on it, and I only ever play as a pitcher in RttS so that’s my limited experience.

  1. As @jpinard mentions, R3 works for pitchers as well as batters to view the field.

  2. The game has increased the ‘gamification’ elements over the last couple of years in particular. For example, you had (it’s changed this year I think) to choose one of three ‘archetypes’ on pitcher creation - Flamethrower, Control Freak or Plain Filthy. You could still create your 5’6" knuckleballer of course, but had to start with an archetype which gave you certain stats.

The thing that got me was that sometimes at the start of an inning, the game would freeze and present you with some choices - eg strike all three batters out, induce three ground balls or something else, and you had to choose one for extra XP if you succeeded. With a big FAILED if you didn’t. And it totally disregarded game situation etc. This really infuriated me for some reason. Not sure why, in a game that has batting gloves that give you +2 Contact or whatever, but it really got my goat.

You also had to talk to your teammates to forge a bond between them, there was quite a bit of busywork introduced in order to try and flesh out RttS into a more meaningful experience.

Otherwise, it’s actually a shorter timeframe to progress to the Show now, and you can choose to start in triple A (rather than AA) if you want. It’s still 95% the same good game.

It’s all been rejigged this year, I believe, so I can’t speak to that.

This is the first year in a long time I’m not buying it, primarily because of the gamey elements above and that I feel it’s moving in the wrong direction for me personally. i.e more arcadey and less simmy.

Having said all that, I’m starting to hear the siren call…

Many people who like the RTTS ballplayer integration really like how RTTS plays this year. They really went all out to speak to the player and push more narrative that makes sense and a difference for the player.

Needs moar ice geysers.

Glad to hear people are enjoying it; I only looked briefly and saw an Operation Sports thread where they were up in arms about it, but that doesn’t mean much, taken on its own.

I’m enjoying your work with the stadiums and uniforms :)

I was never a fan of RTTS so I can’t comment on that at all. I’m just playing DD and it’s super addictive as always. The nice thing is that unlike the other games with card collecting this one doesn’t feel like you are forced to spend money. There’s a billion other ways to earn what you want if you spend the time. The only exception would be the collections. Unless you get lucky with free packs it can be pretty brutal to complete the whole thing. I don’t even bother trying.

For that mode they added a lot more that you can do offline. Last year it was leaning more towards online play. I find the online play can drive me bonkers so I only dip into it from time to time. You get the typical try hards that will do anything to try and win and just people that will kick your ass. So as I’m not a 20 year old with cat like reflexes it can be rough. That really applies to any online sports game so ya…

I was just thinking I should probably pick this up for novelty value. I’m not really into sports video games and I haven’t played a baseball video game since Hardball back on the C64. But what the heck?

Some of the RttS changes don’t sound great (to be honest, I didn’t like the changes in the last version much either) but others I don’t really care about. I’m still just doing the March to October mode until they patch the major bugs, then I’ll see what all the fuss is about. And hearing some of the complaints is kind of funny when you compare it to almost any other sports franchise. Usually the first Madden or Fifa or whatever of a new generation is terrible, with several modes stripped out entirely and loads of missing features.

I stopped going to Operation Sports a while back, because the volume of complaints became detrimental to my enjoyment of the games. Sometimes I’d read a post that pointed out something I might never have noticed, but from that point on I couldn’t help but see it and be bothered.

That said, and with the caveat that I haven’t played yet, the state of the game at launch does seem worse this year than in the past. It’s perfectly reasonable for that to be the case, given the pandemic and the new hardware. I’ve downloaded the Game Pass version on XBox One. Hopefully I can snag a current-gen console sometime soon, so I can try out the stadium creator.


Decided to go ahead and pick this up. XBox One version, as I don’t have a Series X yet (and looks like I won’t for a while). Anyway - played a few AA games, did a couple saves, went to look at the save files - and there are none there. Just ‘Error loading save files’ or some similar message. Tried googling, but nothing was coming up. Anyone run into this? Anyone know how to get past this?

What do you mean by, “did a couple saves”?

This is the next stadium I’m building. I wanted to create a massively imposing theme and have it mimic a dome since we can’t have one. Even though I made massive overhangs I can’t get the dark atmosphere I was hoping for. So now I’m going to make it nice. Funny thing is you max out at 60,000 fans and this stadium can seat nearly 100,000! So there will always be empty seats. And if your team sucks, you might have a mostly empty looking stadium! Lol.

Need you help. I can’t decide on which scoreboard to go with. Would you all care to vote which on you think looks best? You’ll need to zoom in a bit to get the best view.

Scoreboard #1

Scoreboard #2

Scoreboard #3

I still haven’t found an option to manual save, so I can’t really help you there.

In RTTS mode at the hub, go to Settings, then File something-or-other (semi-obvious), which should - in theory (because there are buttons there for it) allow you to Save, Load, and Delete files.

I’m steering clear of RTTS for now. In March To October, I don’t think there’s a save option.

I like #2

Thanks! It does look the cleanest.

Servers have been down 4 straight hours at peak game time tonight, they were down for hours this morning. They were down last night and yesterday evening.

I have not seen server issues this bad in like forever. It’s beyond ridiculous.

Considering like .000001% of the players know they can report an outage here…
Fun fun fun