MLB The show 21 tonight!

This is the next stadium I’m building. I wanted to create a massively imposing theme and have it mimic a dome since we can’t have one. Even though I made massive overhangs I can’t get the dark atmosphere I was hoping for. So now I’m going to make it nice. Funny thing is you max out at 60,000 fans and this stadium can seat nearly 100,000! So there will always be empty seats. And if your team sucks, you might have a mostly empty looking stadium! Lol.

Need you help. I can’t decide on which scoreboard to go with. Would you all care to vote which on you think looks best? You’ll need to zoom in a bit to get the best view.

Scoreboard #1

Scoreboard #2

Scoreboard #3

I still haven’t found an option to manual save, so I can’t really help you there.

In RTTS mode at the hub, go to Settings, then File something-or-other (semi-obvious), which should - in theory (because there are buttons there for it) allow you to Save, Load, and Delete files.

I’m steering clear of RTTS for now. In March To October, I don’t think there’s a save option.

I like #2

Thanks! It does look the cleanest.

Servers have been down 4 straight hours at peak game time tonight, they were down for hours this morning. They were down last night and yesterday evening.

I have not seen server issues this bad in like forever. It’s beyond ridiculous.

Considering like .000001% of the players know they can report an outage here…
Fun fun fun

I’m amazed that after all these years they still haven’t solved the server problems (though I’ll grant it’s probably worse this year with game pass).

Not saying uptime for online services is a trivial problem but it’s not this hard.

It should be a total cluster f this weekend. They have double xp and everyone is home obviously. Putting it on gamepass really wasn’t the best thing for them. People that would never have bought it will drop in just because it’s free and then you have all the cross play and boommmm. I was able to play a few hours last night without it totally crashing me out. I think it will take at least a week before it settles down. I bet it crashes HARD tonight. Hope I’m wrong as I have more cards I want to unlock so that they can be useless again next year. :)

Seems to be another game like Outriders where Europe is doing better server-wise, presumably because Europe doesn’t give a shit about baseball. I haven’t had any server issues whatsoever. Then again I haven’t been playing any of the actively online modes (though the game is always online).

Ya well that would totally make sense that the Europe people could give two shits. You also may not notice the issues if you aren’t doing the online stuff. I 100% only do diamond dynasty and if I can get in I get error messages all the time. Thursday night I couldn’t even login to the game for like 2 hours.

I have tons of other things to do so it doesn’t bother me much. I kind of expected this was what was going to happen.

OK, so I decided to go with a SP for now (I always played 2B back when I played this game). Other than being prompted on off-days what to do, is there any way to improve yourself? I saw training somewhere (once - don’t remember where), where it gave me a Silver medal, but it didn’t seem to actually improve me at all. I mean, playing games does, but seems to do so slowly. Which is fine - not expecting to turn into Randy Johnson after 3 games - but just wondering if there are other ways to improve my player.

WTF is parallel XP?

RTTS progress is busted right now. I really wouldn’t play it until they patch it. But, yeah, even in previous games, and when not bugged, it’s pretty slow. The big gains are from getting medals in training (every half dozen or so games I think) and one-off events. It’s even more so this year, supposedly, with equipment playing an outsized role.

I’ve seen comments about equipment - but I don’t know where that comes in. Do I buy it? Is it awarded somehow? How do I use it?

The game doesn’t seem to explain stuff like this very well.

Loot boxes, baby! Or you can just buy it direct with stubs. Not sure on the specifics this time round, because like I say I haven’t dipped into RTTS yet. I think you equip them on your ballplayer loadout

Can earn equipment in Diamond Dynasty mode, then equip it on your RttS player.

I can’t recommend this game to anyone right now. It’s been over a week and the servers are just getting worse. It’s pretty much unplayable online. They will fix it eventually but holy crap this is bad.

Well, appreciate your taking one for the team, as it were. I’ll give this one a little more time in the bullpen before I give it a try.

Literally after anything I do I get kicked to the main menu when I’m done because it errors out. And for the last half hour you can’t get in at all. I don’t know how you could do this much worse.