MLB The show (22) tonight!

I decided to jump back into this series because I’m hoping for one big thing… that they went overboard making insane feedback using the dualsense controller. And I think I read you can make your own stadium too? I hope they allow me to make a Frankenstein freak show of a venue to go along with my freak show players.

Anyone else going to play this on PS5 or Xbox Next? 1 hour and 40 minutes!

After playing a lot of the Perfect Team mode in '19 and '20, I burnt myself out on the Show a bit. However, the Stadium Creator is intriguing enough that I might buy it this year anyway.

Now I just have to hope I can get my hands on a series X or PS5 before baseball season ends.

I didn’t 9y for several years so thankfully I’m not burned out. But we’ll see if it stays that way when I regain the throne of the almighty strikeout king. No hand-eye coordination here!

I thought the release date was the 20th.

OK the stadium designer is super cool. There are going to be so many amazing places to play as people put this to work. I’ll be spending a ridiculous amount of hours designing my stadium(s).

Just a quick little edit and I added a suspension bridge to the tutorial park with a giant display on it.

If you buy one of the deluxe editions, you get to start early. I think it went live at midnight EST tonight.

Sorry I missed the question. Yes the early start happened at midnight tonight.

A meteor hit my stadium ;)

Sounds like there are quite a few bugs in RttS, so maybe avoid that mode until the next patch.

Official dev comments on that, and on the way the mode is structured more generally:

It’s very weird seeing a Playstation logo when this boots up on Xbox.

I was kinda addicted to MLB The Show a few years ago. I only played RTTS and usually played as a pitcher for a lot of reasons. I only had two real gripes about playing a pitcher in RTTS back then:

  1. While on the mound I had no way to look at my defense and see where everyone was playing. I got extremely frustrated when I would get a good batter to hit a routine ground ball but then realize my defense was on a shift and the left or right side was wide open; if I knew that, I’d pitch to avoid hits in that direction. I just wanted a button to hit to view the overall field while on the mound.

  2. It was also frustrating to have all kinds of hitting achievements to meet to advance. It was crazy, I’m a triple A ace, super low ERA, a superstar in the making, but my manager is telling me if I don’t hit x number of doubles I may get held back.

I’d appreciate it if anyone with the game can tell me if these have been addressed.

Read a review that said RttS is missing ‘year to year’ saves - what does that mean? You can only play one year w/ your RttS player?

I believe that refers to importing a RttS from previous editions into the current game. Due to the comprehensiveness of the RttS/Ballplayer overhaul this year, that’s no longer an option.

Ah. Wasn’t an option last time I played anyway, so I won’t be missing anything. Thanks!

As a batter I can push R3 to see the field shifts. I haven’t loaded RTTS yet, but if that’s there in normal games, maybe it’s in RTTS for both modes too.

I’ve got to say, even though I suck royally, I really love the way this game is setup this year. I skipped last year because the year before I didn’t hardly play, and the year before that I got frustrated with how bad I sucked.

Love the creative modes in this game.

My home and away uniforms:

One of my completed stadiums. A huge bridge running along the back fence. You can hit it if you have an incredible hitter.

Views from the bridge!

Still working on my “alien” stadium.

I spent my evening cussing at it. I may as well roll a die because I cannot read a pitch in this game any better than I could in real life. :(

That’s me too. I’m playing on rookie mode for now. The practice mode they have is pretty amazing, so when I can tear myself away from program mode and making stuff I’ll learn how pitches move through that.

Sure would be nice if their stupid servers would stay up for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Two caveats: I don’t have this year’s game so can’t comment specifically on it, and I only ever play as a pitcher in RttS so that’s my limited experience.

  1. As @jpinard mentions, R3 works for pitchers as well as batters to view the field.

  2. The game has increased the ‘gamification’ elements over the last couple of years in particular. For example, you had (it’s changed this year I think) to choose one of three ‘archetypes’ on pitcher creation - Flamethrower, Control Freak or Plain Filthy. You could still create your 5’6" knuckleballer of course, but had to start with an archetype which gave you certain stats.

The thing that got me was that sometimes at the start of an inning, the game would freeze and present you with some choices - eg strike all three batters out, induce three ground balls or something else, and you had to choose one for extra XP if you succeeded. With a big FAILED if you didn’t. And it totally disregarded game situation etc. This really infuriated me for some reason. Not sure why, in a game that has batting gloves that give you +2 Contact or whatever, but it really got my goat.

You also had to talk to your teammates to forge a bond between them, there was quite a bit of busywork introduced in order to try and flesh out RttS into a more meaningful experience.

Otherwise, it’s actually a shorter timeframe to progress to the Show now, and you can choose to start in triple A (rather than AA) if you want. It’s still 95% the same good game.

It’s all been rejigged this year, I believe, so I can’t speak to that.

This is the first year in a long time I’m not buying it, primarily because of the gamey elements above and that I feel it’s moving in the wrong direction for me personally. i.e more arcadey and less simmy.