MLG Starcraft II Tournament

Anyone else been watching this? (

It’s being cast live by Day[9] and some dude I have never heard of (djWHEAT) and todays matches have been excellent. It’s just now heading to the losers bracket finals and then the big match to decide them all if you want to tune into some high level SC2 play.

Chris Woods

Yeah I’ve been watching most of it, most matches have been pretty solid but TTone vs some zerg was a terrible terrible spanking. LiquidJinro has been a joy to watch because he has been winning a bunch of games 2-1 and you can see his strategy changing on the fly. Sad about TLO being knocked out.

Only thing that annoys me is the need to install 3rd party software to watch the matches.

Is there a way to get this stuff on demand? Missed quite a few matches that I’d really like to see (with Day9 commentating, not repeated by some randomer on Youtube, looking at you Husky).