Mmmm, that's good spam

We’ve got some spambot posting in the Games forum, and no doubt the thread will be gone soon, but the second post is absolutely hilarious.

for women to sit in front of computers would be improper hazardous to your chest resting on the table would not have developed breasts or sagging down and can cause long-term breast cancer, so the you try to sit up straight and puffed up like that would be better for you

Mostly it’s the image of the contorted posture of “chest resting on the table,” but “puffed up like that” is quite the winning phrase as well.

Now I HAVE to go find that thread and find out what he’s selling. I absolutely need a device to help with that improper (not to mention hazardous) chest resting.

The thread is gone now. Which is why I quoted it in this, I knew that it would go, and I felt that the second message was such a classic I should preserve it for posterity.

I don’t think he was selling anything yet; he was building up posts until he hit the threshold where we allow users to post links.