MMO MOOC anyone?

Anyone interested in taking this course: ?

The course is offered by Vanderbilt university and apparently it’s “Focused on Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings Online, this course explores what happens to stories and films when they are turned into online games.” Course syllabus as below:

Week 1: Game on! The history and theory of MMOs
Week 2: LOTRO and Tolkien’s Ring Cycle
Week 3: Gaming and the romance tradition
Week 4: The Fellowship of the Ring: Novel, Film, Game
Week 5: Pwning Spenser’s Faerie Queene
Week 6: Space and time in virtual narratives
Week 7: The Holy Grail: A good end game
Just wondering whether anyone is interested and is planning to take the course? I probably won’t as it sounds a lot like work, also I have a lot of other MOOC courses on my plate right now. (From Steam backlog to MOOC backlog, heh).

For people who have signed up, let us know how it goes. Is it better to play the game or learn about playing the game?