(MMO) The Secret World | Launch Week + Tips


I paid 50 for it and 200 for a lifetime subscription and have no regrets whatsoever. So yes, I would say it’s worth it. And no mandatory subscription but you still can for some miscellaneous benefits.


Yeah, I only ever played it SP and it was a blast that still resonates whenever I think of it. Still want to go back to it, but I need to redo my keyboard/mouse bindings after the system upgrade and I never go them right again.

And yes, no subscription fees, just add’l (mostly late-game) content if it’s not in the Ultimate edition.


I haven’t played a lot but it has a ton of character, especially once you get out of the initial city area and into the New England type town. Like others said the writing is pretty good and has some interesting and difficult quests. You need to piece together information in some of them and actually use your brain. I’m not crazy about the combat, but that’s true for me for any of the MMOs I’ve played recently (which aren’t many)


It’s good single-player, but like any MMO it can be a time-sink. I need to get back to it.


Since you’re playing ESO right now, and TSW is the only other MMO I’ve played extensively (not counting Guild Wars 2 which is decidedly inferior to both IMO) I thought I’d compare the two.

  • Story: TSW wins hands down, even though ESO isn’t bad by any means. As much as I love the elder scrolls universe, the story is ultimately standard fantasy fare. I will say that ESO presents its story better. TSW’s characters may be more interesting (by nature of the more unique setting) but they tend to be less “alive” than in ESO. The animations are primitive and the game is wordy, so generally they just stand in one place and monologue at you. Voice over is excellent in both games, but it’s more natural in ESO, due to less monologuing.

  • Quests: There are a lot of memorable quests in TSW, with real, actual puzzles (some akin to what you’d find in ARGs) Many are more interesting than what you’d find in single player RPGs. ESO is comparable to most single player RPGs, and does a good job of shrouding the usual “kill this, get that, explore there” tasks in decent stories.

Now there is actually some choice and consequence in ESO (some irrevocable decisions to be made, people will comment on your past deeds and your actions will have some minor but lasting effects on the world) while in TSW, you play a Gordon Freeman style mute idiot and there are very few plot choices that you can make (if you want to proceed in the story, anyway.) In ESO you get to be the hero and in TSW, not so much.

  • World: TSW has novel locations (imagine a trailer park set against a half built casino beset by lovecraftian entities) but ESO has a far better engine, better graphics, and some really interesting locales. The world is more much more alive in ESO; you have wildlife, weather, NPCs doing idle animations, etc.

  • Solo play: You can solo through both games entirely, with the exception of group dungeons/raids.

  • Dungeons: I enjoy ESO’s dungeons (I run them frequently) but TSW’s dungeons are on another class, IMO. Terrific ambiance and stories, interesting fights, minimal trash. Getting into some of TSW dungeons might be difficult however, and it’s easier to group in ESO if you’re a dungeon newbie.

  • Combat: This is where ESO really shines. It’s a lot more dynamic and fun than the cooldown based combat in TSW. This is probably the main reason I haven’t gone back to TSW after ESO (that, and I played TSW to death.)

  • PvP: ESO has great PvP, and TSW has terrible PvP.

In short, get TSW, play them both :)


This game would have been amazing if there was a way to prevent people from just internet searching all the puzzles.


Self-control fail?


Me and a friend tried this one together not long ago, I wanted to like it, but I’m afraid I bounced right off. It’s more me though I suspect than the game itself, I’ve turned a corner of sorts I guess on RPGs in general and just can’t seem to get into them.


As someone who has played both TSW and ESO a lot (many hundreds of hours in each), I endorse Soondifferent’s post (#2348, above) completely. Every bit of it is accurate.


Yeah, very true and very noticeable. TSW is a fantastic multiplayer roleplaying game, with great stories and puzzles, and with dungeons you can get your teeth into, to keep you going after all the stories are done. But once the stories are done, the world feels kind of dead. Whereas the stories in ESO are more just part of the ambience of the virtual world (much like the TES single player games generally - e.g. the classic lighthouse tragedy in Skyrim, that’s [I]kind of[/I] the sort of thing you also get in ESO, within the limitations of it being massively multiplayer). With ESO, the virtual world is the main thing.

ESO also reminds me very much of Vanguard, and makes me ponder what that sadly unfinished classic could have been.


I played with a group, and it sucks to always be several steps behind the people I’m playing with since some of them are quite challenging to figure out and they just looked it up. Smart ass check fail? guess so. :P


I thought I’d give TSW a try since they have this Ultimate Edition thing on sale. I immediately ran into Funcom’s archaic and convoluted account/billing system. For some reason their byzantine system requires separate username/passwords for each game account. I had multiple TSW accounts (trial + purchased) and was trying to log in with the wrong one etc.

I then tried to purchase the upgrade using Paypal and was taken through a series of haphazard confirmation screens then eventually led to payment failure. Despite the fact that I use Paypal elsewhere without trouble on an almost daily basis.

I suddenly remember why Funcom are in financial trouble. If you can’t get the basics right then I don’t hold out much hope for the rest.


This is what makes it a good solo experience if you have the self control. There are also websites that break some of the quests with hints, rather than outright solutions, if you get stuck and need a little guidance.

This will be lost in some of the MP dungeons, unless you can explicitly find a group that is willing to go through it slowly for the story, rather than just farming speed-runs for the umpteenth time. Don’t let that detract you though. It should not be that hard to find such a group and there is more and great story content outside of the dungeons anyway.


I picked it up recently.

I’m still figuring it out, but it’s pretty interesting. It’s nice to play a MMO that’s not in fantasy or sci fi.


It’s a good time to start, seeing as the Anniversary is on and you get double AP for the duration.


Funcom has always been this combination of some amazing game ideas, and horrible implementation. Anarchy Online was the single worst launch I’ve ever been apart of, and had some of the most innovative and wonderful gaming parameters ever. TSW is much the same…it’s a fairly clunky game mechanically, but the writing and acting is about as good as it gets in video games. It’s also got a pretty neat character building mechanism, which is always a strong suit in Funcom games.

I’m convinced that if Funcom would just get a crew of technically competent wizards, they’d be very successful. Their ideas are fantastic, their implementation is almost always a blunder.


Hey folks, just picked this up in the bundle.

Question, although I know this needs to be online with funcom to play… BUT can I launch from Steam’s offline mode to play (like you can with Elite which just ignores steams offline mode flag and connects direct to Frontiers servers)?

Reason being my son is always online with friends in Steam so have to play all my games in offline mode.

If it is not possible I will setup a second dummy account and gift it so I can play. but ideally I would like to keep it on my main account.

Any help appreciated!


It should work to just launch from TSW.exe from the steamapps directory. After all, Funcom don’t care where you bought the game. They just want you to enter your account name and password with them.

If that doesn’t work, you can always download the game client and again, with your account name and password you should be fine, Steam or not.




FYI, I just made a new thread for the upcoming Secret World Legends. Why a new thread? Looks like they’re going to maintain both games in parallel, at least for a while, so it seems appropriate to have two threads.