(MMO) The Secret World | Launch Week + Tips

I was on Fenris the past weekends.

Note, your Nickname is your in-game name for tells, etc. You first and last name are for lore and some quests that pull it in for flavor.

Example: John “Longshot” McGee.

You might end up in a different instance though, and then you need to wiggle a bit to end up on the same plane.

  1. You get a few perks along with that, like an extra character slot, extra name reservation, some starter gear etc.

Hey, if anyone wants to play this, I have another code. PM me. First come, etc

Oh, and if you are on Nephilim and Illuminati, I’m Jason “Rearmaster” McMaster in the game.

And in life.

Only been playing the CB so far, gonna pop into the OB tonight I think. Fenris I guess so I can bug Panz

Dragon created on Fenris

I’m Logjam on Fenris. Took me a while to warm up to the game but now I’m pretty hooked.

You can “meet up” with friends and play together no matter what server you’re on. Tells and groups are also cross-server compatible.

I wish the server wasn’t going down for 4 hours right when I get really interested.

That’s when I just switch back to the closed beta and keep playing! mwahahaa!

<— evil man

true, but faction still matters. can’t cross faction guilds and pvp rewards are faction based

Am I understanding this correctly:

There are 9 different “weapon” classes.
Each weapon class has 2 starter sets of 7 abilities each and 6 end sets of 7 abilities each for a total of 8 sets and 56 different abilities PER weapon class.
For a grand total of 504 different abilities!?

Holy crap is that a lot of variation, even in one weapon class. I’m going to have to brew up some coffee and spend a few hours looking through all the abilities to decide which weapon class I want to play, lmao. Love it! :D

Yeah, over 500 abilities is quite a bit. Of course, some of them are not so unique as in they do somewhat the same but still - Its a lot of fun stuff to try out. Just imagine the insane amount of permutations you can try out since you have two weapons with a ton of skills each.

Lots and lots of synergy possibilities.

There’s also a category for skills that don’t belong to a single weapon, that an help you fill out different build types.

Aaaannnnd, for passive skills (you get 7 active and 7 passive at any one time) you can pick the passives from ANY weapon tree you’ve bought your way into. Passives don’t require a particular weapon type to be equipped.

There’s a stupid amount of variation. The important thing to remember is that you aren’t expected to make one build and stick to it. Experiment with different things for different situations.

Some passives do specifically only function for particular weapons or particular active skills though. And FWIW, personally I appreciate the range of possibilities that are ultimately on offer, but I’m less sold on the way they’ve locked it up so that you’re working on a small handful of linear progression paths at any one time and furthermore have to invest the fairly limited resource of skill points to equip anything but the crappiest version of any given weapon type. People who’ve played enough will have some wiggle room, but I think it would be a lot more interesting with more room to experiment and swap around.

There are also 3 sets of “role” abilities that allow you to bridge roles a little easier. But ya, the game is basically a deck builder…tons of synergy, ala GW1.

Skill points are ‘levels’ don’t believe the hype that there are no levels in the game. There are, they are just hidden in skill points.

Does anyone have an extra key to try this out?

The weekend beta is available to everyone. Just make a FunCom account. And check your PMs.