MNF last night

Darn! I went to bed figuring the Bucs had things in hand (mid-way through the 3rd). I wake up and it looks like I missed a great Quarter 4/ Anyone watch? Did the Bucs D just run out of steam?

Good for Dungy!

MNF is just too late for the east coast. I also went to bed thinking it was in hand for the Bucs. I even waited till the game had only five minutes left.

It got pretty goddamn crazy to say the least. After Vanderjagt missed a game-winning field goal, one of the Bucs players was penalized for “leaping and landing on a teammate”, or something equally crazy. I guess it’s akin to celebrating a bit TOO much. So Vanderjagt got a second opportunity and didn’t miss.

And all that is after Manning commandeered one of the most ridiculous comebacks I’ve ever seen. Tampa Bay looked kind of lost out on the field in the last few minutes.

So it’s a situation where the Bucs will bitch about the call and the rest of the league will laugh and point out how Manning made them look like idiots?

Seriously though… what happened to the Bucs D? Did they just get tired or was this all brilliant Manning playcalling? I know Manning calls his own stuff on the field generally (damn it’s nice to see someone still doing that).

It was just like every single game in Madden 2004, including BS penalties.
(okay not quite exactly like since the referees actually understood forward progress, the wind did not change 180degrees at halftime and other base rules and concepts were not ignored).


Go Peyton! Go Peyton! :D

The Bucs looked a little lazy even after the first Indy TD, then Barber’s interception put them at ease again. You could see the slack. They weren’t anywhere near as intense as at the start of the game. After that, they looked like they got kicked in the nuts. Nothing they did seemed right, though their overtime defense was quite impressive.

Manning himself never really sucked, but started getting focused only after halftime. It was almost like watching Montana. The pressure just clicked something in his head.

I thought about you, Chet, during this game.
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GamerDad Football

Seriously. Weirdest Madden game ever. A fumble, three dropped passes- all without defenders anywhere nearby. And two instances of phantom wind pushing FG attemtps in the opposite direction the wind was actually going.

Most of my AI Madden games have been pretty good but I really agree with you Chet that something has to be done about the ludicrous no-huddle the AI goes into at the end of the game, if behind. I played Pack vs. Seahawks and was up by 13 and the Hawks scored two TDs in under 45 seconds with no Time Outs. And it did it using about 15 passes to flat, nothing deep, and then running at superhuman speed to the line to call another play or spike. Just not realistic at all and it really amounted to catch up logic as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve only had 3-4 weird games out of maybe 75 games total this year, but even one weird game leaves a sour taste.

Ughhhhh…I hate the Colts already. I can’t believe the Bucs couldn’t hold onto that lead. After the Titans lost, and I watched most of the MNF game, I went to bed thinking we were still one game back in the AFC South. Needless to say, I had a bad morning.

As for the end penalty, Gruden rightly noted that it had nothing to do with why they lost. The truth is Vanderjagt should have made the kick anyway. And the refs made the right call…it’s just a stupid rule.

It was just the icing on the cake, which is kind of funny, considering how Sapp was saying that Gruden was the icing on the cake (that Dungy had made).

I saw that Lynch said it too, which was big of him. The others aren’t talking… or not to ESPN anyway, apparently they are boycotting it or something stupid like that on account of “The Playmakers” hitting too close to home (or something).

— Alan

Plus the whole Rush Limbaugh thing, according to Len Pasquarelli.

I think there’s two ways to beat the Bucs’ defense: Long up the middle passes (again, Len mentions less usage of Cover 3 than in the past) and giving 25+ carries to a power back.

Yeah, they’ve always been said to be susceptible to smashmouth football, but I’m still a bit dubious about that even though Carolina beat them that way. The Tampa defense isn’t that much undersized.

The Cover 2 will give up a lot of short passes. Tampa’s defense keys off the pass rush from the front four. If those guys are getting sacks and hurries, the secondary is usually shutting down the passing game. If the front four isn’t getting the QB, the QB can usually find receivers in the seams.