Mobile Asses

Now that camera-phones are becoming popular in the US, it’s only natural that enterprising young lads should use them to take candid snapshots of women’s asses:

Jaw Dropper my ass. That woman has nothing on those Brazilian chicks who were posted recently.

True. Let’s see them again, please!

Alan Dunklin…please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Don’t forget: subtract two points to get the L.A. rating. They should change the name to Unremarkable Asses.


Is it just me or is everyone in the UK deathly afraid of pedophiles? Yeah, they’re all scum, but in comparison to the US, it sure seems the UK freaks out a lot about it.

Well, it’s a small country and there have been some bad, bad episodes. There was a period a few years ago when it seemed like a young (sometimes very young) girl was turning up raped and murdered in a ditch every few weeks. It led to a sensationalist meltdown in the tabloids which peaked with the country’s best-selling newspaper printing the home addresses of hundreds of registered sex offenders, who were then of course systematically driven from their homes and beaten by angry mobs. As I said, it’s a small country - small enough that public opinion can easily be shaped and directed by the incredibly pervasive tabloid media. The co-ordinated media campaign - “Is there a pervert living on YOUR street?” - led to an overblown sense of fear and paranoia that wouldn’t have looked out of place in BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE.

The irony was, such was the fervor among the public that many innocents were caught in the crossfire. There were several cases of pediatricians and child care workers whose windows were smashed and homes vandalized by semi-illiterate thugs who had confused them with pedophiles.

Remember the 1980s US mass hysteria about daycare workers engaging in satanic rituals, feces-smearing, and sexual abuse with kids?

Wasn’t there public outrage at that Chris Morris over-the-top Pedophilia Special?

Wasn’t this when the far right tried to link everything with Satanism?