mobile cell service booster


I would really like to switch to a lower-cost cell service (from Verizon). For example, Mint Mobile is offering $20/month deals for unlimited talk/text plus 8 GB of data (I’ve never used more than 4 in one month in my life).

But they use the Sprint network, and I commute through the Berkshire mountains for about 45 minutes each way every day. I lose signal on Sprint for about 30 of that 45 minutes (to be fair, I also lose Verizon signal for probably 20 minutes of the same trip–there just aren’t any cell towers up across the mountain).

So I looked on Amazon for mobile cell boosters, and I see two basic options: cheap things that get bad reviews, and damned expensive things that don’t seem to have much in the way of reviews at all.

SO–any of you have any experience with such devices, and are willing to give me some feedback?


Are you talking about this for use on the drive? If so I would think it won’t help. You can’t boost a signal that isn’t there. A booster only helps if you’re getting somewhat weak signal, and even then I’ve heard the gains are minimal at best.


Good question, I would check RV forums.


Yeah, that’s exactly my concern. I don’t see any signal at all, not even a very weak one, so I suspect there’s just no signal to boost.


Good thought, Stusser, I’ll try that.