Mobile friendly QT3 forums

Not to demand too much from the polite admins of QT3, but some of the vB boards I frequent automagically detect that I’m browsing on my phone and serve mobile friendly pages.

Since I do a large amount of browsing on my mobile phone this is really handy.

If it is not too much trouble would it be possible to investigate setting this up for QT3?

I actually wouldn’t mind this either. I think he’s referring to this vBulletin style, with this redirect mod.

An iphone friendly forum would be cool.

Opera Mini on the current gen BlackBerry handhelds (Pearl, Curve, 8800) works great on this and just about any other forum. Not sure how it might work on other handhelds but it might be worth checking out.

The tiny little “next page” buttons are hard to navigate on the iPhone.

The oddest thing in eyeballing the forums on the iPhone is that the different forums (and their subtitle bits) appear in vastly different font sizes. Games and Hardware both are tiny tiny font compared to the other three.

For the record I browse using Opera on my Nokia 9300i and it shows up ok but is very slow to render.

yeah, that would be kick ass

Wow, thanks for pointing me toward miniOpera.
Now Qt3 looks great on my new Blackberry.