Mobile Games in 2020

So, I realize most of you here are “real gamers,” but everyone has a few games on their phone, right? What are you playing on your phone right now?

Myself (Android - Pixel 2XL)
Star Traders: Frontiers
Stardew Valley
Last Day on Earth

Plus a few board games converted to mobile (Ticket to Ride and Catan, particularly, right now.)

Certainly have more than that installed, but these are the ones I keep coming back to.

What do you have that’s great?

I mean Race for the Galaxy and Ascension are evergreen multiplayer ports for me.


The one and only mobile game I ever played and enjoyed was The Room. It was great, recommend it.

I think we have threads for Android and Apple gaming separately, but I do support a more generic yearly thread.

I guess my main phone game these days is Star Trek Fleet Command, but I still play a fair amount of Plants vs Zombies as well.

Ah I searched the forum, but wasn’t looking at Apple and Android individually. I kinda thought I remembered a mobile gaming thread from back in the day.

Mobile gaming is really getting cool these days though, with some decent PC ports.

Agreed. Most games wind up on both (though Apple Arcade is now changing that).

As a non-Trekkie, I have often been curious about that one. I haven’t ventured in yet, but often think about it.

Well also, lots of these games end up on other platforms. @stusser mentioned The Room, which is pretty great, but I played it on Steam. Was it on mobile platforms first? Does that make it a mobile game?

Yeah, Apple started having fewer exclusives due to their position as Android matured, so now they’re working on boosting exclusives with sacks of money. :D

Yes, The Room was mobile first and unlike many games it’s mobile best. The gameplay, manipulating those intricate mechanisms, fits better with touch.

Certainly, two of my three top mentions are Android ports of PC games, so I guess for me personally, I’m not as concerned with “exclusivity” as I am concerned with “Is there something awesome I can get on my phone that I haven’t found yet?”


Ah, I should reinstall that one! It fell off my rotation, but it’s damn solid.

I can’t seem to treat phone games as anything but stuff I fire up to kill time. Munchkin Match and Bejeweled Stars scratch that particular itch. Tried other stuff, but they were too clunky, slow-paced, or obvious about their money grubbing (talking about you Angry Birds Match).

I also use them to kill time, usually on journeys or when I need a quick break.

I’ve been playing:

  • The Quarry
  • Mamono Sweeper
  • Through the Ages
  • Hungry Cat Picross
  • Ticket to Ride (the AI is poor, but hey it was free in a bundle)
  • Euclidea
  • Motorsport Manager Mobile 2
  • Rebel Inc

It does feel like mobile games – for me at least – have to have an unusual combination of “can put down at a moment’s notice” but still enough depth that it’s not just Candy Crush.

I tend to play a lot on my phone while the girlfriend is watching one of her many crappy reality shows.

I played a lot of Star Traders: Frontiers and Stardew Valley. Now looking for something else to play.

I guess there are other games I could mention that I still play a fair amount. The Kingdom Rush games are tower defense classics, in my opinion. There are a bunch of good board game conversions like Ticket to Ride and Tokaido. And then there are games that I can play on a tablet but not a phone, like FTL and Alien: Blackout (technically you can play Alien: Blackout on a phone but it’s so tiny I don’t bother).