Mobile Games in 2020

XCOM, Siralim, Mindustry, Terraria, through the ages…

I have installed:

Angry Birds
Banner Saga
Jurassic World Facts
This War of Mine
Vendetta Online
AI Dungeon
Desert Golfing
Mario Run
Chess Free
Black Desert Mobile

And the following GearVR games:

Angels & Demigods
Annie Amber
Cube Run
Dead Secret
Esper 2
Herobound: Spirit Champion
Land’s End
Laser Arena Online
Reveries: Dream Flight
Temple Run VR
The Dream Dimension
Vendetta Online VR

I’ve played every level and as far as I’m aware there’s precisely one without a unique solution. Got any examples?

Note that the uniqueness of solutions does rely on a non-circled number requiring that many squares of that colour that are not all adjacent.

Same here, I can recall a single such case.

Yeah, I remember having to guess at one as well.

This can happen in a few solvable picross-type puzzles if you do it in a weird order. You’re probably just missing something though. If you post a screenshot we’ll figure it out with you :)

I played some Hungry Cat Picross over the weekend but ended up deleting it because I kind of hate it. The goofing around with multiple colors is not what I look for in a Picross game, so I’ll just play some of the other (hundred) iterations available on iOS.

On the other hand, this is why I like Hungry Cat Picross! Different strokes!

Absolutely, more power to you!


This is way too positive and behaved.
You, sir, suck!

On my mobile phone, I have a shitload of games.
The great old ones: Elder Sign Omens, 868-HACK, Imbroglio, Cinco Paus, Onirim and Desert Golfing.
Better not launch those or that’s a sleepless night ahead.

The stuff I never finished: Sorcery! 2 (that game is so hard! as hard as the book!), Dog Sled Saga, Lemure no Renkinjutsushi and Tower of Babel (still stuck on the same level after all those years).

The stuff I boot once every few fullmoons: Bottom of the 9th, Knight & Dragon 2, Shelter, Hair Salon 3 and Dungeon Scroll.

The “commuters” : Slay, Tichu, Wizard, Mu, Daifugo shiyo, Koikoi shiyo, King Rabbit and Furdemption.

The greatest golf game of all time : Neo Turf Masters.

And the two games my wife played whenever her own phone was depleted : Threes and Doodle Jump.

Meanwhile, my Android phone is a dedicated Mamono Sweeper gaming machine.

Well, I’ve at least heard of the games your wife plays! Damn, I feel out of touch reading that post.

It’s quite possible I just ran into the single case and was nonplussed enough to stop. I’ll give it another try! (Random fact: I actually use the word “nonplussed” in conversation regularly. My gf says I sound like a dork :)

added fancy links just for you!

Favorite cooking game: Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Was it #548?

No, it was a very early one and just made the design seem slipshod from the start. I’ll try to replay and post sometime. But, if you say the game is generally really good, I’ll give it another shot.

I played the hell out of this game in high school, but I could never remember the name of it. And my shoddy memory made it impossible for me to google it accurately over the years, so I just assumed I’d never find it again. But here it is. Thank you!

I think it’s very good, in fact it’s hard for me to go back to regular nonograms. But the early game left a bad impression because it was too easy. Try diving into the weekly challenge.

Are there any good Picross 3D clones?

You’re missing out on stuff like this

I liked Hungry Cat not having any Xs. It really made me think. Check out Paint it Back. Nothing special, just good puzzles & cute art. Looks like harder puzzles are locked behind a purchase on iOS. There’s probably enough fun free ones to be worth downloading.

Have you tried .projekt? It’s kind of similar.

FYI I re-installed Baldur’s Gate on my phone last week and have been playing it during any down time I get. Not a bad mobile experience (although the mines of Nashkel are DARK.)