Is anyone using this? I signed up for the free 60 day trial, and at the moment it’s slow and occasionally unavailable, but I attribute that to launch hiccups.

I think I’ve already decided it’s not worth it though, based mostly on the calendar. I’ll have to find some documentation and start reading, but at the moment it looks pretty limited. Can I not import my google calendars? I also couldn’t find as many options for setting up events; it seems very limited compared to the google calendars. For example, I can’t have an event repeat every weekday, as far as I could figure out.

I’m playing around with it so I can have some idea of what it can do, but so far I haven’t given myself over to it completely. I refuse to let Gmail stop indexing my mail, for instance, so I’m going to have to figure out some way to make it send a copy to (or through) Gmail before I can start using it for everything.

You can forward your mail, or have it pull it in automatically via POP3 (although I don’t see a way of setting port numbers, so Gmail won’t work)

I figured this much out at least, and seems to be over the worst of its launching lethargy. The fact that I can’t find a way to import calendars is a real deal breaker though. Anyone else using MobileMe (on a PC) found a way to do this? I think on the Mac you can use the iCal application to import a google calendar (for example), and then the MobileMe would include that when syncing from iCal, but I’m not positive it’d work that way (what if it syncs in the other direction? Would it wipe the Google cal?) and it’s not an option for me anyway since I don’t have a Mac at home.