Möbius Front '83: Zachtronics goes to war

No programming assembly required.

Cool, seems to have Advance Wars energy.

Hmph. Zachtronics “Battle Academy”, I guess.

And it has solitaire and puzzles too!

Aw, I’d have like to see them attempt a programming wargame.

Search does not bring the game up for some reason in Steam.

Maybe a modern version of Origin’s Omega! I would love to see someone do that.

If this weren’t Zachtronics, I wouldn’t look twice at it. It can’t just be a simple hex wargame, right? There has to be some twist to it… maybe this screenshot is a hint?

At first I thought they said no programming, then I saw that picture and went back to look again and they said no assembly :) So it looks like it will still have some of their puzzles.

I have to feel they’re making a mistake releasing a game with an umlaut in the name. It is not easy to search for on Steam with an English keyboard.

Also, what the heck does it take to stay on Zachtronic’s mailing list? I playtested Ironclad Tactics, I bought the premium version of ExaPunks, but I got no email about this game.

Very interested to see how this works!

It’s very easy to find if you ignore the umlaut.

Searching for Mobius, I get one result:

And for Moebius, three:

Have to put the umlaut in to get the desired result. I’m wondering if that’s different in other countries.

Hit the search button to get the full search list.

Definitely interested in this, but am surprised by the subject matter. Based on the title I was expecting a game of making crazy war machine contraptions and was pretty excited.

This looks really interesting in a way the trailer doesn’t do it but the screens on the store page certainly do. Wishlisted.

It worked fine for me to find in the Steam client pasting in “Möbius Front '83” and then searching.

When you’re ready for some R&R, play a new kind of solitaire, solve Zachtronics-style puzzles

This makes it sound like the solitaire and typical programming stuff are more side activities, and not part of the campaign.

Though I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t tie the programming to some kind of tech-tree unlocks.

I searched for “Mobius Front” and it was the first result in the US store.

Me either. I’ve early purchased all of Zachtronics’s games, including premium versions of ExaPunks and Shenzen I/O. I’ve been on their mailing list for years.