Mobo/Ram question

So, the old thread wasn’t worded for maximum assistance.

I have an Asus P5AD2 Premium motherboard.
It currently has 1Gb of Corsair 667Mhz ram.
I’m wanting to upgrade to 2Gb of ram and I’m wanting to know if this particular motherboard supports 800Mhz ram or not.

Surely that would be stated in your motherboard’s instruction manual?

Also AFAIK wouldn’t the motherboard just simply down clock the ram if it was not able to run at the 800mhz? Last time I checked thats how it worked.

AFAIK, 667mhz is the max for that board. Also, what Marcus said is correct.

According to the information on the board at ASUS’ website, 600mhz is the maximum. Anything higher should get downclocked, as folks have pointed out.

And then there’s alway over clocking.

I looked at the manual and it says that it has an 800 Mhz FSB.
Why wouldn’t the 800 FSB support 800 Mhz ram? (this doesn’t make sense to me)
Anyway it appears that spending the extra for 800 Mhz vs 667 Mhz would be a waste from what I’m hearing here, which is what I wanted to know, thanks.
NewEgg is out of the 800Mhz ram atm anyway, guess I’ll order some 667Mhz.
Thanks for the help.

The manual should have an entire section devoted to possible RAM configurations. At least all the Asus manuals I’ve seen did.

It does, but it says “Native DDR2-600 support”
It also has a list of DDR2-533 with 600Mhz capability (overclocking), memory modules.
I was always under the impression that your bus speed determined how fast your RAM could be.
Since this mobo is listed as 533/800 I figured I could upgrade to 800Mhz ram and get a performance boost, apparently not.