Moby posts Farker photoshop...does he think it's real?!

And Popular Mechanic’s debunking:

Maybe he is using it to inspire his new album? He’s done flaker things.

Jack Ganssle, a major embedded programmer guy, fell for it also.

So did Scott McNealy, the president of Sun.



It’s not even a good photoshop. Can people seriously not tell that the lighting, shadow, and perspective are all off?

Look Traumahound, just because you spend all your time creating celebrity fake nudes doesn’t mean that everybody here is as skilled as you at detecting photoshopping.


I suck – suck – at any sort of image editing. :cry:

I’m honestly asking, does everyone not notice how wrong the TV monitor and keyboard look compared to the rest of the picture? Do I have some advanced photoshop detecting skills or something? I apologize if I came across as a jerk, but I assumed it was obvious to everyone.

It’s an obvious fake. No super-sleuth powers needed to see that.

Looks like the panel I stood in front of in USN Reactor School in Windsor, CT. Complete with throttle wheel.

Hated that fucking watch.

My question is: Why haven’t home computers that user-friendly and portable been invented yet?

Seeing as how its a submarine control panel, its no wonder.

It fooled me for about 3 minutes when I first saw it. I’m incredibly guillable.

You didn’t come across like a jerk. I was just busting your chops.


What makes you think Moby thinks it was real? Maybe he just thinks it’s funny…

Seeing as how its a submarine control panel, its no wonder.[/quote]

Yup, as soon as I saw the picture I thought “wow, they have a mock-up of Manuevering (the room where we control the reactor on a submarine).” The scary part is- Maneuvering has changed very little since that picture was taken.

That’s what I was thinking.

That and somewhere, someone in a forum is linking to this thread and making fun of MikeTwain for not getting that moby just thought it was a cool pic.


A full-scale mock-up of a typical nuclear-powered submarine’s maneuvering room in which the ship’s engineers control the power plant and electrical and steam systems. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Tim Altevogt

Probably because its a recent photo. :)


You guys understand the concept of the ?! punctuation?

I was not assuming that he thought it was real, since there’s nothing on his site to suggest that’s what he thinks.

Fans in his forum thought it was real though.

So ?! to you.